25 Beautiful Fall Wedding Looks (for Guests)

25 Beautiful Fall Wedding Looks (for Guests)

Other than June, October is considered to be the most popular time of the year for people to get married. This means that as the leaves start to turn and the temperatures begin to drop, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to get at least

Patterned flats

23 Cute Flats You Should Not Miss

If you’re the kind of gal who loves fashion but also likes comfort, you’ll be glad to know that flat shoes are really big this season. This means that while it’s always a good idea to put on a pair of heels or wedges every once in a while, th

Gladiator and shirt dress

21 Cool Outfit Ideas for Gladiator Sandals

If you don’t already own a pair of gladiator sandals, what the heck are you waiting for? When it comes to footwear, to say that it’s one of the year’s biggest trends would be a major understatement! And one of the best things about these kind

Marsala lace midi dress

26 Sexy Dresses in Fall’s Hottest Colors

Who says that just because it’s chilly outside that you can’t still look as sexy as you did during the summer months? Putting on more layers of clothes doesn’t mean that you still can’t be super seductive in the process. It’s all

Fall Outfit Idea

Fashionable Fall Wearing Ideas for All Occasions

Time passes without letting us realise it. Fall 2015 is already here. Have you got the right outfits for this season?If you are not clear about what to wear, then just stay here. We are going to show you what the trendy pieces are for this season and how to ma

Wrap dress

22 Fall Dresses to Wear (to Work)

No matter what time of the year it might be, when you work in an office setting, you’re always looking for something to wear to work, right? Something that is appropriate yet comfortable. Something that says “I’m working” without sabota

Two-piece maxi set

26 Looks He Will Love (Lust) You In

Whether it’s your first or 20th date, there’s something that’s so much fun about getting ready to go out. Because let’s face it, although it’s always a blast to dress up in a way that makes you look pretty and feel beautiful, ther

Winter Outfit Ideas

22 Amazing Winter Outfit Ideas for Women

It can be hard to make winter clothes look chic, but these bright bloggers do just that! Browse ideas for stylish winter outfits on Styles Weekly! You’ll find inspiration on how to wear leggings, sweaters, vests, beanie hats and other cold-weather essential

'Nude' jumpsuit

20 Great-Looking Jumpsuits and Rompers

When it’s blazing outside, there are two things that you can wear that will keep you cool while keeping you looking super hot: a jumpsuit or a romper. To clarify, technically these things are one in the same. But in order for you to see the variety of op

Strapless mermaid

20 Beautiful Curvy Girl Bridal Looks

Some folks use the term “plus-size”. Others go with “full-figured”. And then there’s the one that’s in the title of this feature: “curvy girl”. But if there’s one thing that all of these words have in commo

Long sheer tunic

26 ‘Curvy Girl’ Outfit Ideas

Whoever came up with the term “curvy girl” as an alternative for “plus size”, we consider to be a genius. The official size of a curvy girl pretty much depends on who you ask. However, being that reportedly over 100 million American wom

Super sheer flare skirt

25 Sheer Styles to Try

One type of look that has been seen quite a bit on the runways is sheer fashion. The thing about this particular kind of style is aside from a shirt with some sheer sleeves, you probably never thought that there were so many different ways to wear it. Until no

Lace skirt

21 Different Skirts to Try

If you’re a girl and you like to look feminine, you probably have more than a couple of skirts in your closet. That’s great! At the same time, what a lot of women don’t realize is that not all skirts are alike. They come in different cuts and