21 Ways to Wear Feathers

Feather headband

One of the best things about fashion trends is the fact that each year, you can never really predict what will be “the next best thing”. And what is one of the best things this season? FEATHERS.

If you’re trying to figure how the heck you can make feathers work with your wardrobe, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The reality is there are a myriad of a different ways that you can wear feathers. Some are a bit more radical than others but all of them will create unforgettable looks.

1. Feather eyelashes

Feather eyelashes
Feather eyelashes/via

This particular picture is more of a fashion shot. But if you want to wear some extra-long eyelashes, black feathers will make your eyes look so beautiful.

2. Feather headband

Feather headband
Feather headband/via

This is a fashion accessory that will go really well with a Boho chic outfit. Although hair of any length can wear it, we think it looks best with super long locs.

3. Feather high ankle boots

Feather high ankle boots
Feather high ankle boots/via

Here’s one way that you can wear feathers during the winter season. Get a pair of suede ankle boots that have some real feathers on the top of them. Your skinny jeans will be thrilled!

4. Feather jacket

Feather jacket
Feather jacket/via

It’s rare to see a feather jacket. But that’s why it gets a shout out here. Who won’t ask you where you got it from?

5. Feather two-tone mini skirt

Feather two-tone mini skirt
Feather two-tone mini skirt/via

Some feather fashions are basically really small fringes that mimic feathers. This two-tone skirt is one example. It’s one of the best styles of mini skirts there is.

6. Feather earrings

Feather earrings
Feather earrings/via

These are peacock feather earrings and peacock feathers are extremely popular. They’re bright and bold—just like the bird itself.

7. Feather and fringe purse

Feather and fringe purse
Feather and fringe purse/via

Fringe and feathers go really well together. If you already own a fringe purse, you can always attach some feathers to the sides of them yourself.

8. Feather pencil skirt

Feather pencil skirt
Feather pencil skirt/via

If we could buy every woman on the planet a feather pencil skirt, we most certainly would. This is the kind of style that makes fashion so mesmerizing.

9. Feather manicure

Feather manicure
Feather manicure/via

Even think of getting a feather manicure before? Although you could probably get real feathers glued onto your nails (or nail tips), that’s not super realistic. Still, you can always get a feather pattern painted onto them. It’s even better than the real thing because it will last so much longer.

10. Feather high heels

Feather high heels
Feather high heels/via

Here’s how you can make feathers and shoes work when it’s warm outside. Look for some strap heels that have feathers on them. (All black is super sexy!)

11. Feather clutch

Feather clutch
Feather clutch/via

Clutches are in style right now. So if you happen to find a feather clutch purse, you’ll be combining two popular fashion looks in a really big and beautiful way.

12. Feather cocktail dress

Feather cocktail dress
Feather cocktail dress/via

If you have a date coming up and a cocktail dress would be an appropriate dress, you’ll make quite the entrance if it’s one that has feathers on it. And if it’s at the bottom, it will make your legs look so soft and feminine.

13. Feather ‘Ugg’ boots

Feather 'Ugg' boots
Feather ‘Ugg’ boots/via

We don’t know whether to wear these boots or cuddle up underneath them. But one thing that’s sure: your feet will be so very warm inside of these feather “Ugg” boots.

14. Feather necklace

Feather necklace
Feather necklace/via

Pendant necklaces is another jewelry trend. So, one “pendant” to consider putting on is a peacock feather.

15. Feather fingerless gloves

Feather fingerless gloves
Feather fingerless gloves/via

It’s so distinctive that it’s both mysterious and mystical all at once. You might have to make a pair of fingerless feather gloves but man, the effort will be so worth it once you’re done!

16. Feather maxi skirt

Feather maxi skirt
Feather maxi skirt/via

You will look like a walking piece of a winter wonderland in a white feather maxi shirt. It’s absolutely amazing.

17. Feather (print) bikini

Feather (print) bikini
Feather (print) bikini/via

Feathers and water? Yeah, that’s not the best combo. But a feather print bikini? Yeah, that’s a great looking suit for the summer season.

18. Feather ‘sweater’

Feather 'sweater'
Feather ‘sweater’/via

This sweater is very similar to the two-tone mini skirt. It’s countless numbers of fringes all sown together. With a pair of fringe boots (or booties) will make this a perfect look.

19. Feather anklet

Feather anklet
Feather anklet/via

Anklets are always nice during the summer time. With a pair of shoes, a feather anklet like this might be a bit much. But when you’re walking along the beach, who wants to wear shoes anyway?

20. Feather arm bracelet

Feather arm bracelet
Feather arm bracelet/via

What’s nice about feathers is that they can also be mixed into other things in a very subtle fashion. Kind of like how one feather is attached to this silver arm bracelet.

21. Feather wedding dress

Feather wedding dress
Feather wedding dress/via

If you want to wear a shorter non-traditional wedding dress, you can always weather feathers in the skirt. You’ll be beautiful “live” and in your pictures too!

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