Twist and tie

25 Popular Hairstyles for Women on the Go

Whether you’re a student with a full class load, a professional with a super-demanding schedule or even if you’re a new mom who is trying to balance your baby’s needs with your own, this is a feature that is dedicated to you—the woman w

Stylish Black Hair

17 Effortless Chic Hairstyles for Black Hair

While many women are experimenting with various kinds of hair colors, the black hair begin to hit the fashion trend. People used to think black hair is dull and lifeless. But now, they may find it wrong with many fashionistas rocking the charming black hair. 

Funky layered cut

25 Awesome Hairstyles for Brunettes

Are you a natural brunette? Or perhaps you weren’t born with a shade of brown hair, but you’ve always wanted to give “the darker side of hair beauty” a try. Whatever the case may be, there is something that is so beautiful and yet myste

Heavy bangs

20 Fall Hair Trends

When the temperature is dropping to the point that there’s frost on your car’s windshield and it’s hard to go out without a jacket, you’re probably starting to wear some of your hats a lot more often. That’s cool. Just don’t

15 Breathtaking Pastel Hair Looks for Summer

Summer is here and let’s embrace the breathtaking pastel hair colors to enjoy this crazy summer! The pastel hair will turn you into an absolute stunner wherever you go. You have a wide range of choices, from the highlighted blonde to the edgy grassy gree

Razor-cut bob

24 Hairstyles for Thin Hair

If you’re someone who has thin hair, it’s understandable why it may be pretty frustrating at times. Thin hair tends to not have a ton of thickness or volume. As a direct result, it can be hard to hold any kind of style for longer than a couple of h

Long A-Line Bob

26 A-line Bob Hairstyles We Love

We are convinced that there is a bob cut hairstyle that will accentuate the face of every woman, while this is so, knowing which type of bob cut suites you is very important. A-line bobs are very popular among women these days as it is very simple, yet chic a

Baby Sling

21 Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

Everyone has one, and why not? Infinity scarves are stylish, comfortable and easy to wear. No more knots, or struggling to make you normal scarf stay on! They come in a huge range of styles, colours, and fabrics. They are perfect for a cozy winter next to the

Classic and trendy

26 Cool Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles

Whether you already have a chin-length haircut (a bob) and you’re looking for a bit of a change or you’re thinking about cutting off a few inches but you’d like a some inspiration, asymmetrical bob hairstyles will fit the bill. The awesome th

Asymmetrical Hair

Are These 30 Hairstyles Right For You?

Getting the right hairstyle or cut can be a tricky thing. It’s seems easy when we see our favourite celebrities pulling off amazing look after amazing look. The reality however, is that different face shapes, hair thickness and even colour effect what d