26 A-line Bob Hairstyles We Love

Long A-Line Bob

We are convinced that there is a bob cut hairstyle that will accentuate the face of every woman, while this is so, knowing which type of bob cut suites you is very important. A-line bobs are very popular among women these days as it is very simple, yet chic and suits almost all shape faces. We know how difficult it is to make a decisions on which bob cut to choose but don’t worry, we have put together 26 A-line bob hairstyles we love to help make this process easier for you.

A-Line on Short Hair
A-Line on Short Hair/via

Bobs typically look good on short to medium length hair. Short bobs elongates your neck and shows off your facial features.

Beyonce with a curly Bob
Beyonce with a curly Bob/via

Bey’s A-Line bob is on point. Bobs don’t have to be worn straight, adding a little curl will give you that edgy look you’ve been yearning for.

Blonbe A-Line Bob
Blonbe A-Line Bob/via

A sleek A-Line bob on Blonde hair. There is no going wrong there.

Edgy Layered A-Line Bob
Edgy Layered A-Line Bob/via

Add bits of layers to your bob to give it that edgy look.

Hair and Make-up on Point
Hair and Make-up on Point/via

When your bob is on point just let your make up and accessories do the rest.

Kate Garraway Long Bob with Bang
Kate Garraway Long Bob with Bang/via

This one is a favorite because it allows your to wear your bang while sporting a bob cut. This hairstyle is suitable for both long and round faces.

Katy Perry Blue A Line Bob Hairstyle
Katy Perry Blue A Line Bob Hairstyle/via

A touch of blue or is that aquamarine? Either way we like it and works.

Keira Knightley Messy A-Line Bob
Keira Knightley Messy A-Line Bob/via

This messy A-Line bob is so simple and very easy to achieve. No stylists needed for this one.

Long A-Line Bob
Long A-Line Bob/via

A youthful long A-line bob that adds a touch of elegance to your appearance.

Long Bob for Medium Lenght Hair
Long Bob for Medium Lenght Hair/via

This long bob does well on medium length hair.

Long Bob with Loose Curls and Highlights
Long Bob with Loose Curls and Highlights/via

Add a little jazz to your bob with some lovely lose curls and highlights.

Long Trendy A-Line Bob
Long Trendy A-Line Bob/via

Even though bob cuts are generally associated with shorter hair, A-line bobs allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Medium Length Bob Hairstyles
Medium Length Bob Hairstyles/via

This one is popular among older women who want to keep looking good. A simple slick bob.

Neat A-line with Highlights
Neat A-line with Highlights/via


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