Super short Mohawk

22 Amazing Super Short Haircuts for Women

Short hair. Any woman who wears it automatically exudes a certain level of confidence. That’s because when your tresses are short, you don’t have any hair to “hide behind”. Your face is out for everyone to see. And why shouldn’t i

22 Gorgeous Super Short Hairstyles

21 Gorgeous Super Short Hairstyles for Women

A woman who decides to wear really short hair is a woman who sends out a really bold message. Without saying a single word, she can walk into a room and convey boldness, confidence and a kind of signature style that will make her truly unforgettable. So, if yo

Long asymmetrical pixie

23 Back to School Hairstyles for Short Hair

Ways to Have a Simple Short Hairstyle for School Find out the Killer Back to School Hairstyles for Short Hair We know, right? Right when you’re getting used to hanging out with your friends all hours of the night and sleeping late the following morning,

Short Hair Ideas for Women

28 Short Hair Ideas for Women

Looking for the latest popular short hair styles for women? Click here! Whether it’s a bob cut for short pixie cut, there’s something especially freeing about having short hair. More and more female cut their hair short these days. Though dramatic

Waves Galore

21 Pretty Short Hairstyles for Girls

Teens are style capitals. They are always looking for the next trend to keep them on top of that ruthless high school totem pole. Or maybe, they’re just into taking risks. Either way, it is clear that they are down to experiment, take risks, and try new

20 Beautiful Braids for Short Hair

Braids have made a major impression this summer. The braids are not only ready for long hair, but also great for short hair! Braided Short Haircuts via: Kristen Ess Braided Short Haircuts via: Twist Me Pretty Braided Short Haircuts via: Lauren Conrad Braided S

Angled Cut

20 Short Ombre Haircuts for Women

While some are lucky to achieve the desirable ombre naturally, most of us aren’t. Celebrities are taking the world by stride with a wide variety of gorgeous cuts to show off their stunning ombre looks. Most believe that ombre hair is a look meant for pe

Asymmetrical Hair

Are These 30 Hairstyles Right For You?

Getting the right hairstyle or cut can be a tricky thing. It’s seems easy when we see our favourite celebrities pulling off amazing look after amazing look. The reality however, is that different face shapes, hair thickness and even colour effect what d

The Grunge Chop

25 Hottest Short Pixie Cuts Right Now

Ever since Emma Watson chopped off her locks back in 2011, the Pixie Cut has been making a huge come back. It’s chic, edgy, daring and elegant. It’s a fashion phenomenon. It’s an act of liberation. Women love it because it makes them feel cla

32 Latest Popular Short Haircuts for Women

Short & Chic Hairstyles for Women What I love most about my short hairstyles is that I never have bad-hair days anymore! I love to look modern and chic! And, of course, with a short hairstyle you can change your colour and highlighting more frequently and

Chic Short Straight Hairstyle - Short Hairstyles for Black Women 2015

12 Fabulous Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Short hairstyles for black women include a huge range of styles to bring out the best in all hair types. Short bobs and pixie cuts are very fashionable at the moment, but with a new twist that emphasises the trend for a contemporary-casual look. And the big th