20 Short Ombre Haircuts for Women

Angled Cut

While some are lucky to achieve the desirable ombre naturally, most of us aren’t. Celebrities are taking the world by stride with a wide variety of gorgeous cuts to show off their stunning ombre looks. Most believe that ombre hair is a look meant for people with long hair. You’re wrong! From dramatic to subtle, this chic style works on people of all hair lengths.

If you have short hair, you have come to the right place. Check out the cuts below for some inspiration!

1. Dark Ombre

Dark Ombre
Dark Ombre/via

This dark look is made playful and feminine by the soft waves framing her face.

2. Brown to Blonde Ombre

Brown to Blonde Bob
Brown to Blonde bob/via

Easily the most common look, this classic do mimics stunning summer highlights, leaving us all with a casual yet flattering cut.

3. Dark to Blue Ombre Hair for Short Hair

Kylie's Blue Tips
Kylie’s Blue Tips/via

Short ombre hair! Kylie Jenner nails this gorgeously risky, yet elegant cut. Her thick, straight hair allows enough volume to give this look a definite “wow” factor.

4. Red Ombre

Red Ombre Hair
Red Ombre Hair/via

For something a little more subtle, this shorter style is chic yet remains daring. The sweeping bangs and brilliant highlights show that you aren’t afraid to try something new!

5. Angled Cut

Angled Cut
Angled Cut/via

This angled bob is extremely flattering. It’s a great way to give the illusion of length, without getting too long.

6. Wavy Ombre

Wavy Ombre
Wavy Ombre/via

This wavy ombre cut is a calling card for the beach! Once again, the blonde tips give an excellent illusion of length and variety.

7. Purple Dashes

Purple Dashes
Purple Dashes/via


It takes guts to pull of a coloured cut like this and she is killing it. This look is both edgy and soft.

8. Pink Do

Pink Do
Pink Do/via

Rachel McAdams swooned us all with this soft pink cut. Her rolling waves add a sense of gentleness while the pink dashes tell us she’s not afraid to take a chance!

9. Ombre Spike

Ombre Spike
Ombre Spike/via

Short hair is all the rage. Mix that with this ombre look? We have a gorgeous combination.

10. Brown to Platinum

Brown to Platinum
Brown to Platinum/via

Be bold with this stunning platinum look. Once again, soft waves seem to be the way to go to add a balance between edgy and feminine.

11. The Purple Hawk

Purple Hawk
Purple Hawk/via

Take it to a new level with Kelly Osbourne’s soft hawk. Despite her shaved sides, she manages to make this cut look elegant, rather than intense.

12. Autumn Ombre

Autumn Ombre
Autumn Ombre/via

Can you say breathtaking? This pin straight, angled bob, nails the ombre look! It is casual, yet striking. It makes me want to go for a long walk through the autumn leaves.

13. Brown to Faded

Brown to Faded
Brown to Faded/via

Wavy hair is what it’s all about. Once again, the waves aid in softening the look, while the ombre flatters the colours.

14. Pink Tips

Pink Tips
Pink Tips/via

Similar to what we’ve seen, but in hot pink! Do you think you could pull it off?

15. Spiked Ombre Twist

Spiked Ombre Twist
Spiked Ombre Twist/via

We can expect nothing less from Halle Berry. This spiked twist is bold and flattering. The subtle ombre colouring finishes it off!

16. Green Ombre

Green Ombre
Green Ombre/via

Katy Perry has tried just about every colour in the book, including this green ombre look. Her gentle waves give this messy look a mischievously beautiful feel.

17. Ciara’s Swirl

Ciara Swirl
Ciara Swirl/via

This grunge cut is extremely flattering on Ciara. The ombre colouring mixed with her sweeping hair is the perfect combination of sweet and sexy.

18. Medium Brown to Pink

Medium Brown to Pink
Medium Brown to Pink/via

It would appear that hot pink is in. This chic look may be on the longer side, but would look stunning on a shorter cut as well.

19. Wavy Turquoise

Wavy Turquoise
Wavy Turquoise/via

Classy, with a hint of rebellion, these bouncing waves frame her face while the turquoise brings out the colour of her eyes. A truly beautiful cut.

20. Pixie Ombre

Pixie Ombre
Pixie Ombre/via

Sweet and stunning, this pixie ombre look cascades across her face, drawing out attention to her soft face.

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