Golden Eye Makeup Idea with Red Lips for New Year's Eve

15 Best Shimmering New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorials

It’s coming to the end of one year and another new year is right around the corner. Everyone is going to be rigged out in their best to celebrate the arrival of the new year. What about you? Here, we have selected 15 best shimmering makeup tutorials for

Stunning Leopard Printed Nail Design

20 Amazing Short Nail Designs You Must Love

More and more women began to do nails on themselves and you can find so many nail design pictures from some DIY tutorials. However, when you follow them and decide to have a try. You may find it difficult to paint all those stunning patterns on the limited spa

Pretty Braided Half Updo Hairstyle Tutorial

15 Easy Hairstyle Tutorials for All Occasions

We all know how important the hairstyle is to a person. So, if you don’t want to look like a palin Jane every day, just try to make a stylish hairstyle for yourself. You should keep yourself at the best state every moment because you may meet someone imp

Simple DIY Ideas for Women to Try

There are always some moments you feel boring. Why not just kill you time by making something useful and interesting. In this post, we have made a collection of simple DIY ideas for you to try when you have free time. These DIY ideas can keep your house well o

Pretty Blazer Outfit with A Hat

15 Warm and Chic Outfit Ideas with A Hat

To get a stylish winter outfit, you should never ignore one piece: the hat. That’s what we are going to talk about in this post. The hat can keep you from cold wind and keep you super chic during those chilly days. However, sometimes you just feel there

Fashionable Office Attire with Skirt

Fashionable Office Outfit Ideas for This Season

Office ladies always find it difficute to make a suitable and fashionable attire for work days. So, you need us to offer you some great ideas. Yes, we are always here to help you out when you want to get some helpful information about fashion. In this post, we

Stylish Winter Outfit Idea

15 Casual Chic Outfit Ideas for Winter

Although days are getting colder and colder, you should keep yourself as stylish as ever before. As your personal fashion stylist, we are always here to offer you the best fashion ideas. In today’s post, we’d like to show you 15 casual chic outfits

Messy Long Hairstyle with Side-swept Bangs

15 Stylish Hairstyles with Side Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs can not only frame your face into your better silhouette but also make you look several years younger. In this post, we would like to show you 15 stylish hairstyles with side bangs. Side bangs are feminine and stylish, any hairstyle will

Thick Hairstyle with Layers

17 Effortless Chic Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

It’s wonderful to be born with thick hair. It is one of your best weapons to show your charm. But sometimes, women may find it difficult to take care of their hair and don’t know which hairstyles suit them better. Here, we have good advice: why not