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20 Summer Make-Up Trends

Every time the summer season rolls around, there are trends that follow. Not just when it comes to clothes, swimwear and shoes but make-up as well. It makes sense too, being that it’s the time of year when there are June weddings, outdoor concerts, summe

20 Sizzling Ways to Make Jeans Work This Summer

20 Sizzling Ways to Make Jeans Work this Summer

Several months ago, there was a (media-related) rumor going on stating that jeans were on their way to becoming obsolete. Personally, we can’t imagine what life would be like without jeans being a part of it. And so, in the effort to totally debunk that

Coolest Maternity Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Congrats mum! You are pregnant! It’s time to flaunt your baby bump like a Hollywood starlet and let it grab the centre stage of your exciting maternity photoshoot. Yes, girls adore and nuzzle leggings and sweats throughout the year. But when it comes to

The Best Face Serum Ingredients for Your Skin Type

Serums provide a potent dose of antioxidants essential for healthy, young-looking skin. You might have tried several skincare products, but adding a face serum in your daily regime can help you achieve your desired results! What is a face serum? A serum is a p

What Type of Clothes Best Fit a Plus Size Figure?

What Type of Clothes Best Fit a Plus Size Figure?

The types of clothes that best fit a curvy figure are, simply, the ones that make the wearer feel fabulous. It’s a hard niche to define since there are as many body shapes as there are people. But here we’ve compiled some general fashion rules that work pa

4 Ways Your Workout Affects Your Skin

Shaking off the post-January blues? We definitely feel you! Sometimes, a new workout routine can be just what you need to get yourself feeling active again after a sluggish period. If you’re thinking about working out for the first time in a while, you may h

How to Use White Eyeliner to Make Eyes Bigger

One of our main objectives when we put on makeup is to highlight the features that we like the most about our face, as well as to use tricks to improve and give better balance. Generally, one of the areas that we are most interested in enhancing are the eyes,

Timeless Habits of Stylish Men

Timeless Habits of Stylish Men

Men who are serious about their style develop habits over time. Since we are in the age where trends dominate men’s fashion, style is one of the secret weapons every man should have in his arsenal. Let’s look at the timeless habits of stylish men. Understa

10 Ways to Wear White Eyeliner

10 Hottest White Eyeliner Ideas to Make Eyes Bigger

Black eyeliner is a true staple in the makeup routine of almost every girl, but have you ever used white eyeliner before? White eyeliner is a beauty secret which will transform your makeup regime and indeed your life too. Adding white eyeliner to your eyes wil