5 Must Haves For Your Makeup Bag

Must Haves For Your Makeup Bag

Don’t think I haven’t seen you escapading through department stores, attempting to dodge every cosmetic counter in your peripheral view. No need to be afraid, loves! Makeup is not as complicated as you may think. There are only 5 must haves for your makeup bag that you’ll need to save you from disaster and help you re-vamp the other items that you already have.

Must Haves For Your Makeup Bag

1. Moisturizer

I know you weren’t expecting this one, but after I’m done, I’m sure you’ll thank me. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so we should nurture it as so. Avoiding the use of a moisturizer because your skin is oily is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. Your skin will produce more oil if it is dehydrated, so using a moisturizer will keep those sebum levels intact. Plus, the more your skin is moisturized, the more resilient it is and the better your makeup will look. Aha!

Try Sorme Firming Mineral Moisture Cream for a nighttime moisturizer, and Sorme Daily Defense with SPF for day.

2. Lip Color

Gone are the days when lip color was just for mama! A simple pop of color can make aworld of difference. Don’t we like things that pop?!

The best fall-friendly shades: Sorme Smearproof Lip Liner in Burgundy, Sorme Perfect Performance Lip Color in Mauve

3. Eyeshadow

If you’re indecisive on which colors work best for you, stick to nudes and slowly try out colors. Not sure which colors will compliment you best? Check out this post about the best makeup hues for your hair color.

Our favorite nudes: Sorme Bronzina, Sorme Seashells, Sorme Taupe

4. Concealer

There are not many things I despise more than tired under eyes (besides people actual seeing me in public with them!) Maybe you have a special occasion and that stubborn pimple just won’t stop taking your face hostage?

My fave? Sorme Mineral Secret Loose Finishing Powder in Sheer Translucent

5. Primer

Get it together, ladies! No one likes faded makeup. If you don’t have a primer or BB cream in your makeup stash, you should. Face and eyelid primers are always a must! They help fill in pores, no-fun fine lines and create a smooth base for your makeup to stay put all day. The less work, the better, right?

For eyes: Sorme Under Shadow Eye Shadow Primer

For face: Sorme Fresh Start Oil-Free Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer

Being in the beauty industry and also being a consumer, I understand both sides. If you have a product in mind, it’s much easier approaching the counter when you know what to look for. Here’s your start!

Don’t forget, you can also take a friend. An honest, second opinion helps more than you know!

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