4 Dangerous Beauty Product Combos

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With all the interesting ways to feel young and beautiful these days, it’s important to educate yourself. We all love a great beauty combo that has promising effects, but what about when the beauty products combos you’re using can become dangerous?

Unfortunately, it happens more often than one might think. I did some research on a couple different beauty product combos that are pretty dangerous and can have adverse side effects. But remember, these aren’t the only ones.

1. Glycolic Acid and Retinol

Glycolic Acid and Retinol
Glycolic Acid and Retinol

According to an article in Examiner, using products with Glycolic acid while using retinol can be terrible for your skin. Glycolic acid has a deep exfoliating property to get rid of dead skin cells. But Glycolic acid and Retinol together? Doesn’t work. Retinol will pretty much be ineffective and your skin won’t clear or up firm up the way that you expect it to when dishing out the money. In other words, stick to products with Glycolic acid (like Sorme Exfoliating Fruit Cleanser) or ones with Retinol – but never both.

2. Medicine and Grapefruit Juice

An article in BuzzFeed went through some pretty dangerous combinations, and this was one of them. Grapefruit increases the amount of medicine that your body absorbs which can cause some serious problems. If you’re taking medicine that has a specific dosage, you need to be extra careful around grapefruit juice.

3. Retinol and Facial Waxing

Here’s a true story, my dear mother has been using Retinol for years. A couple years back, she and I decided to have a girls day and get our brows shaped and waxed. The beautician was well experienced and used the proper amount of wax and the right temperature. But my mom’s eyebrows? Burnt to a crisp. She was scabbed up and red for a week. If you want to get your face waxed at any time, make sure you haven’t used Retinol in AT LEAST a week. Your face will thank you.

4. Expired Makeup

Expired Makeup
Expired Makeup

Pretty much all beauty products use some kind of preservative. And your beauty products? They have an expiration date for a reason. At some point or another, all makeup will expire – and it could then be flooded with bacteria of all sort. Gross, right? Expiration dates are there for a reason. Most products even have a “Period After Opening” or POA on their packaging to let you know how long the products will be good after you open them. Check this out for a better idea of how long you can keep them around and keep your skin safe.

One more tip? Be selective in your makeup lines, and look for brands that are sold in salons or speciality makeup shops versus drugstores.

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