Shake it up

24 Genius Ways to Wear Your Graphic T-shirts

If you have less than 10 graphic T-shirt’s, we’ll be shocked! Not only are they super-comfortable, but the styles and messages on them are a perfect way to display your individuality. That’s what makes having them so much fun! Plus, you can u

Oversized sunglasses

22 Ways to Wear Black in Summertime

You might recall that in one of your science classes, you were told that white reflects heat while black absorbs it. Actually, it’s for this reason that black is not the first color that’s recommended for summertime fashion. Yet being that black is

Pure neutrals

21 Cute Looks for Your Kicks (Sneakers)

If the only pair of sneakers that you own is for the purpose of exercise, from a fashion perspective, that’s bittersweet. On one hand, it’s awesome that you are working out (your clothes will look so much better on you because of it). On the other,

Fringe necklace

24 Fun Ways to Wear Fringe

Due to all of the hype surrounding 70s fashion right now, one look that is getting tons of attention is fringe. If you’re the type of gal who never really considered wearing it before, you might be hesitant to give it a try now. That’s understandab

Marsala multiple purses

23 Stunning Ways to Wear Marsala

Pantone has certainly made it no secret that one of its favorite color picks for this year is Marsala. Since the announcement was made, you are able to see the deep brownish-red shade in almost every fashion magazine and blog around.  And no wonder. It just h

Sexy tunic (with belt)

21 Things to Wear on a Romantic Summer Vacation

One of the best things about summer is all of the vacation time that you’re able to use. And actually, the only thing that can top that is if you’re planning to take a romantic trip with the love of your life. Just imagine it. Walking along the bea

High Slit Yelow Dress

18 Beautiful Maxi Dresses for Summer

When attending some formal occasions, you should dress yourself in a decent and elegant way so that you can leave an impressive impression on others. Generally speaking, there is no better option than the maxi dresses for the formal occasions. The maxi dresses

Yellow and white dress combo

25 Striking Ways to Wear Yellow

Yellow. It’s the color of sunshine. It also represents cheerfulness, warmth and burst of energy. So naturally, it would make sense that it’s one of summer’s favorite colors while being a shade that is super fun and fashionable to wear. Whethe

White peplum top

25 Wonderful Ways to Wear (All) White

Although traditionally, white has been associated with things like purity and innocence, what makes it a color that we’re super fond of is the fact that it also represents light. And no one shines brighter than a well-dressed woman. That said, the more w

Turquoise pieces

25 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have

One of the most beautiful ways for you to adorn yourself while also displaying your signature style is with jewelry. Luckily, just like with clothing, there are so many different styles to choose from. Whether you like to dress up every day or going casual is

Outrageous neons

21 of the Best-Looking Summertime Sandals

Aside from flip-flops, the most commonly worn shoe during the summer would have to be sandals. But if you’ve been wearing the same boring, flat, brown leather ones for the past two years, shame on you! Especially since there are so many different styles

15 Fashionable Summer Outfit Ideas

The days are really hot in summer and have you update your wardrobe with some fashionable pieces? Summer is always right with all kinds of patterns and prints, such as the tropical prints, the floral prints and some irregular geometrical patterns. Besides, the

Boho chic shirt

20 Shirt Dress Looks to Wear

If you like wearing dresses but you don’t want to put on anything that is too, well, dressy, have you ever tried wearing a shirt dress before? Basically, it’s just like it sounds. It’s a shirt that is long enough to wear as a dress. And that

Lace headband

25 Lace Looks You’ll Love

There are some women who are hesitant about wearing lace because they immediately associate it with bridal wear or lingerie. And while that’s totally understandable, the reality is that lace continues to be a popular look because there are a myriad of wa

Wear a colorful blazer

22 Fashionable Ways to Dress for a Job Interview

One goal that virtually every person has is finding the perfect job. And a part of that process is landing an interview. Even though a prospective company has probably seen your qualifications (via your resume) and checked out your social media accounts before