Brooklyn Decker Hairstyles

Brooklyn Decker Hair

1. Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker
Brooklyn Decker /Getty Images

Brooklyn Decker has quite a thin face, with strong, defined features. A flat boring hairstyle would be very unflattering. To add width to her face and create a balanced look, she goes for a shoulder length style with loads of volume and shape. A big side parting and sweep of hair over the side of the face melds into bouncy, wavy lengths with subtle layers to add to the soft, rounded shape. The result is a feminine look that really flatters Brooklyn’s face. Dark roots give way to blonde lengths, but the dark under layers and range of highlights creates lots of interest and stops the colour from falling flat.

2. Brooklyn Decker Short Hairstyles

Brooklyn Decker Short Hairstyles
Brooklyn Decker Short Hairstyles /Getty Images

Brooklyn Decker is great at creating short hairstyles that flatter her shaper features. This short hairstyle, in her trademark summer blonde shade with those perfect highlights, flatters her face by providing width to the face. This is thanks to the volume teased into the roots and added to the lengths with soft waves and subtle shaping. Layers add more shape, especially around the face where the hair falls over the face at one side and curves around it at the other. The result is a very tailored look, perfect for her facial shape and features.

3. Brooklyn Decker Loose Bun

Brooklyn Decker Loose Bun
Brooklyn Decker Loose Bun /Getty Images

Need an updo that strikes the right balance between being elegant and glamorous for a formal occasion, and stays soft, feminine and flattering. Brooklyn Decker’s take on the loose, messy bun is a great example of a versatile style that looks beautiful without looking as if you’ve tried too hard! The key is to bring the hair back from the face loosely, never tightly, and once it is all pinned back, gently loosen the bun with soft girly waves escaping from it. Loose strands to frame the face are the perfect finishing touch.

4. Brooklyn Decker Long Hairstyles

Brooklyn Decker Long Hairstyles
Brooklyn Decker Long Hairstyles /Getty Images

Women with thin or long face shapes can run the risk of making their face look even longer with a long style. However, Brooklyn Decker manages to avoid this by creating a style that has loads of volume and movement to offset the length. The result is a very flattering look that is an absolute show-stopper when it comes to colour, shape, style… everything really! A graduated colour from dark blonde to warm honey tones with sun kissed highlights throughout is lovely against her pale skin while those big bouncy waves are just so feminine and perfectly styled. That’s before we even start on the fabulous condition of her hair…!

5. Brooklyn Decker Hair

Brooklyn Decker Hair
Brooklyn Decker Hair /Getty Images

This is a particularly pretty look for Brooklyn Decker – volume and very well-cut, perfectly judged layers, makes this long bob cut a really flattering style on her. With a rough side parting and a casual, wavy feel to the hair, she really gets the ‘just ran my fingers through it before I left the house’ look perfectly! The stunning range of blonde tones really works with her pale skin tone and she warms the look up with gold earrings and red lips – adding a touch of glamour to the look as well.

6. Brooklyn Decker Choppy Bob

Brooklyn Decker Choppy Bob
Brooklyn Decker Choppy Bob /Getty Images

A choppy bob always looks fresh and modern – the bob is a versatile look and when the layers are kept choppy it can be even easier to tailor the cut to suit your own unique style and your facial features and shape. ForBrooklyn Decker, this choppy bob is a great way of adding texture and volume, helping to offset strong features and add a pretty, feminine edge to her look. The blonde colour, ranging from dark to ash tones, really suits her complexion too.

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