Know Before You Go: What To Expect During Your Spa Visit

For some reason, we tend to make even the relaxing things, like a spa visit, stress us out. Lucky for you, we put together a guide to ease the panic around your first spa visit. Here’s what to expect before, during and after a spa treatment.

What to Expect Before:

Upon booking your appointment, tell the receptionist this is going to be your first visit. By doing this, she/he will be prompted to more delicately ease you through the process, in addition to letting the staff that will be working with you know. During this initial call, you will also be asked if you prefer a male or female therapist.

Some spas will have you pick your services before hand as well. We recommend starting off with only the most basic packages. For example, if you are wanting a massage, start out with a Swedish.

What to Expect During:

Arrive to your appointment fifteen minutes early. You will be given a key to a locker where you can keep personal items.

Now the seemingly scary part: disrobing. You have a few options. If you are feeling bold, go free willy. If you are more modest, bring a bathing suit along with you. There is no pressure to do one or the other! You will be given a robe to wear up until the service point (usually a super comfortable one at that!)

Once changed, you will be escorted to your service room. It will be empty so you can disrobe. If you chose to go totally nude, there is a sheet that will cover you during the treatment.

The therapist will knock before entering and there will probably be some soft tunes playing, you can have these shut off now if you like. In addition, your therapist WILL ONLY talk if you engage them in conversation. Do what is most relaxing for you.

What to Expect After:

After the massage or treatment is complete, your therapist will leave so you may disrobe. Here is where so many women get off track. You’re super relaxed, life is great, so you walk out and forget something major: YOU NEED TO TIP. Think of it the same as a meal – at least 15%.

Also, if you get a massage, all the toxins that are released may leave you a little dizzy. Replenish, replenish, replenish. After a big glass of water, you will be feeling A-Okay!

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