Beauty Checklist for Your Summer Camping Trip

The stars are shinning bright in the dark sky. Everyone is sitting around a fire in comfortable chairs. Your biggest decision is whether you should make a hotdog or devour a S’mores treat (I would totally have both).

Camping is a summer vacation of choice for millions of people each year. While some people think it’s impossible to look beautiful while camping, I am here to prove them wrong. You can look and feel beautiful if you have the right beauty products packed in your bag.

Below are 11 beauty items every woman should add to her checklist for the next camping trip:

1. Dry shampoo– No water? No problem! Pack up some dry shampoo to make sure your hair looks and smells great on your camping trip. Your hair will also thank you for a vacation from washing. You probably remember from a previous blog post that our hair tends to get more oily in the summer. And the more you wash- the oilier you get!

2. Moisturizer – Dry, flaky skin is almost as bad as sunburn. Almost. So it’s extremely important that you always, always moisturize in the morning (with SPF) AND evening (without SPF)! Try Sorme Daily Defense Cream with SPF 30 for morning and Sorme Firming Mineral Moisture Cream for evening. Your skin will thank you for the extra attention, especially when you’re spending your time outside hiking and camping all day.

3. BB cream / light foundation– I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with my BB cream. It’s perfect for days when I know I’ll be outside or running around, especially because I don’t like the feeling of “heavy make-up” on my face anyway. I also love a good oil-free foundation formula, like Sorme Mineral Illusion Oil-Free Luminous Foundation.

4. Sunscreen– Double and triple check to make sure you don’t forget your sunscreen. Getting burnt on your vacation early on ruins future days in the sun! Not to mention, sun burn is painful; play it safe in the sun!

5. Sunscreen for your hair – Yes, your hair can burn in the hot sun too! UV Filters hide in different hair products such as leave-in conditioners, shine sprays, or hold sprays. Using products designed to protect your hair while your outside will help protect your color and overall condition of your hair. Sebastian has a shine spray that you can treat as a leave-in conditioner. Spray it into damp hair and let it air dry.

6. Compact mirror– While this one is small and often taken for granted, a compact mirror can be a life saver when you’re trying to apply your make-up and style your hair.

7. Eyelash curler – If you’re afraid your mascara will smear while you’re hiking, swimming, or simply sweating in the hot summer sun- bring an eyelash curler to liven up those lashes.

8. Cute turban / thick headband – Messy hair, don’t care! Throw up a turban or headband for a stylish look while spending time in the great outdoors. If your hair is getting really out of control and you’re desperate, look for a bandana to toss over your messy hair.

9. Lip balm – Burnt lips are no fun! Don’t forget to pack a lip balm with SPF protection to keep your lips feeling smooth and healthy. For a bit of shine, try Sorme Tasty Tubes in Pout.

10. Unscented clean wipes – Let’s face it, you’re going to be sweating in that summer heat so cleaning wipes are critical when there isn’t a shower around. If you can find cleaning wipes with Aloe Vera, you can use them to heal sunburn or irritated skin.

11. Facial cleanser – While camping, you’re likely to be covered in sweat, bug spray, and maybe even chlorine if you spend time in a pool. Washing your face twice a day is extremely important to remove toxins from the day. Use a wash cloth and bottle of water if no running water is around. For a gentle, daily wash, try Sorme Nourishing Daily Cleanser.

What beauty items are always in your camping backpack?

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