5 Steps To Fight Humidity

At Styles Weekly, we love summer! Unfortunately, we don’t love the side effects brought on by warmth – unruly, frizzy hair, the result of our arch nemesis: humidity.

For those of us who sweat – or, let’s be honest, anyone who has hair – humidity can be a huge bummer after hours of glam time each day. Tame your worries (and your locks) with these five simple steps to fight humidity.

Get a regular hair cut.

Humidity and heat suck the moisture right out of your hair. When hair is without moisture (or nourishment), it becomes dry, dull and brittle. Pair this with a lack of trims, and you’ll make it to autumn with seriously damaged hair. Not to mention – during the summer, breakage can cause your tresses to be unmanageable. Think ahead and get a trim before the heat takes over.

Use the right brush.

In general, most of us buy a paddle brush with bristles spread further apart.

The problem?
Brushes need to grip hair fully in order to create a soft texture. In the winter months, this really isn’t a big deal. However, consider investing in a brush with dense, uneven bristles this summer. It will prevent the natural occurrence of frizz, while creating a softer finish on your style.

Skip the heat tools.

The heat from outside, along with the sun’s UV rays, are enough to cause damage to your strands. So not only are you wasting time trying to straighten something that, very possibly, is going to puff right back up in the humidity, you’re doubling your hair’s exposure to damage. This summer, ditch the heat tools and embrace natural, beachy waves or a fun braid.

Be strategic with product.

In times of hair peril, professional product needs to be your saving grace. Be strategic with what products you choose, and keep trial sizes of them with you at all times. Try the following products:

Anti Frizz – One of our favorite anti-frizz products is Scruples Pearlscriptives Enforce Working & Finishing Spray. This spray provides special humidity resistance in addition to superior hold.

Deep Conditioner – It seems like a waste of time to deep condition in the summer months. However, it can be extremely helpful in fighting frizz. Try out Scruples White Tea Luxury Restorative Conditioner. It will repair past damage, while preventing further damage from environmental stressors.

Have a backup style.

Sometimes the humidity wins. When that happens, have a backup or go-to style you can use when leaving your hair down just isn’t working. Try a simple low knot at the nape of the neck or a messy fishtail this summer. Just make sure you have an elastic band and a few bobby pins with you at all times!

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