Stunning Pink Lips Makeup Look

15 Fashionable Pink Lipstick Makeup Ideas for Summer

It seems that the scorching summer days are not great for the stunning makeup looks, because the pretty makeups may be likely to melt down soon. However, as a fashionable lady, you always want to be sophisticated and don’t allow yourself to go out without an

High Slit Yelow Dress

18 Beautiful Maxi Dresses for Summer

When attending some formal occasions, you should dress yourself in a decent and elegant way so that you can leave an impressive impression on others. Generally speaking, there is no better option than the maxi dresses for the formal occasions. The maxi dresses

Romantic DIY Scarf Decorated Slippers

20 Smart DIY Tutorials to Beautify Your Flip-flops

What’s the most common and most comfortable shoes for summer? Yes, the flip-flops. As a fashionista, we don’t like our flip-flops to be so ordinary. Right? However, you must have found that those beautiful flip-flops are usually too expensive and t

15 Fashionable Summer Outfit Ideas

The days are really hot in summer and have you update your wardrobe with some fashionable pieces? Summer is always right with all kinds of patterns and prints, such as the tropical prints, the floral prints and some irregular geometrical patterns. Besides, the

Useful Shoes DIY Ideas to Try

Women like to buy shoes, and a pair of nice shoes may upgrade your final look and may also bring you a happy life, just like Cinderella. Although not everybody has the chance to wear a pair of real crystal shoes in the real life, women still look for the bette

Be A Clever Accessory-Organizer with These 24 Ideas

Have you ever come across the situation where you can’t find the very earring or the necklace that you want to wear? Have you got your owns ways of storing your accessories? We can see many beautiful storage boxes at the shops, but I never buy them. On o

Fashionable Spring Outfit Ideas

Do you like the spring days? I’m sure most women like this beautiful season which is a great time for everyone to get dressed. Have you got any idea about what to wear for this season? You may have no idea at all or maybe you have your own ways of outfit com

Gorgeous Bridal Makeup Look

20 Beautiful Makeup Looks for Brides

There is no denying that the wedding gowns are quite important for an impressive wedding. However, you won’t look gorgeous just with the pretty gowns and without a stunning makeup look. One of the most stylish makeup looks is the vintage makeup look. They ma

Chic Jeans Outfit for Summer

20 Fashionable Jeans Outfit Ideas for Spring/ Summer

Whenver you ran out of your creativity, come here! Your personal stylist is here to offer you the latest fashion ideas so that you can be glorious all the time. Today’s post is about the spring and summer outfits. Do you have a preferred wearing style in the