Piercings: All About the Venomous Facial Bites Fashion

Originality has been the highlight concept of fashion since, the beginning of time. Each culture trying to one up the other by incorporating different religions, ideas, currencies, literature, art, and thousands of other concepts to their lifestyles, all to achieve one basic thing, and that is being 100% original. Pop culture all around the world, has taken to piercings, and its gone much farther than piercing your ears, piercing other parts of your body, in the most unusual of places has become the most popular. If you have a piercing in a daring area that most other people probably wouldn’t even think twice about getting, you might get major kudos, and thus creating a stand out spot light for yourself.

Venom Bites Piercing

Piercings: All About the Venomous Facial Bites Fashion
Starting off with one of the more nerve racking Piercings, Venom Bites are a pair of piercings which are placed side by side on the tongue. This style of piercing is very similar to that of a regular Tongue piercing, however there are two instead of one placed on both the left and right side of the tongue. This has is no doubt very painful, and has been most commonly accompanied by a split tongue

Spider Bites Piercing

Piercings: All About the Venomous Facial Bites Fashion
Spider bites are another pair that come side by side, however you will either see a pair of spider bites placed within 1cm of each other on either the lower left or lower right side of the lips. These piercings are similar to a regular lip piercing, however they come in a pair, so in the pain meter it might not be as painful as a tongue piercing, but irritation might be higher considering how close the piercings are to each other.

Angel Bites Piercing

Piercings: All About the Venomous Facial Bites Fashion
These have been given an interesting name, as no one really knows what an angel bite looks like per say, although these have become very popular among todays youth, Angel bites are right above the right and left side of the lips and are below the cheek bone. Usually you might see someone with one of these piercings on one side, that however has a name of its own, and goes by either the Madonna or the Monroe

Snake Bites Piercing

Piercings: All About the Venomous Facial Bites Fashion
Allison Picado
Snake bites are one of the few Facial Bites that actually fit its name, these piercings are placed on either side of the face right below the lips and are known to mimic snake bites, depending on the placement of the pierced skin and the types of rings used. You might see a lot of rings, or metal balls in place of where the snake bites are, as these are one of the most common form of “Facial bites” that you will see while you’re out and about.

Cyber Bites Piercing

r/piercing - Got my cyber bites :))
Cyber bites are very interesting and rare to see as they aren’t the most visually amazing thing to see. One piercing is located on the Philtrum, and the other vertically placed below that right underneath the lower lip. So, if you’re interested in getting bizarre facial piercings, check out one of these bites, you just might like them!

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