4 New Uses For Your Old Sunscreen

Old Sunscreen

I’ll admit it, I don’t wear sunscreen nearly as often as I should. I know, I know. If you’re anything like me, then by the time you get around to reaching for your sunscreen again the bottle has already expired. Time to toss it? Not so fast. Here are 4 new uses for your old sunscreen.

1) As regular body lotion

Sunscreen can still have moisturizing benefits after it’s ability to protect from uv rays has faded. If you’ve found yourself without your fave Hempz body lotion, grab that expired tube and use it instead.

2) Shaving lotion

Out of shaving cream? Old sunscreen can protect your skin from razor burn and act as a buffer for a smooth shave. The best part is that no water is required!

3) Tame flyaways

A small amount of expired sunscreen goes a long way in taming flyaways. Use a small amount to avoid the greasy hair look.

4) Add shine and fight frizz

I was so excited to learn that a dab of old sunscreen can be used on the front line of defense against frizz! Summer is a great time to try smoothing a few drops over your mane to add sheen and protect against humidity.

Don’t forget to get yourself a fresh new bottle of Hempz After Sun Cooling Gel and Body Hydrator or get your faux glow on safely to properly protected skin from the sun stress. Trash old sunscreen that’s over 3 years old or changed in appearance and consistency.

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