8 Naughty Beauty Habits You Should Ditch Immediately

“Don’t do that – Santa is watching! And you don’t want to be put on the naughty list!!”

If you were a good kid, maybe you never heard those words. But me, well- I remember hearing those words loud and clear growing up. Now that I’m older (and somewhat wiser), I still find myself thinking about my decisions and habits based on if Santa is watching or not – especially this time of year! You too!?

If you want to be on the “nice list” this year for your beauty habits, make sure you aren’t guilty of these eight naughty beauty habits.

1. Going to bed without washing your face.

washing face
washing face

Did you know EACH TIME you fall asleep with your makeup on ages the skin on your face 5-7 days?! Imagine all of those nights in college when you went out with your girls and woke up with makeup all over your pillow! Yikes – it’s so important that you find a skincare routine that works for your busy schedule. But no matter what – always, always wash your face before bed so you can remove all the toxins from the day!

My fave skincare picks? I’m loving Sorme Nourishing Daily Cleanser for an everyday choice, and Sorme Exfoliating Fruit Cleanser every 3-4 days. And don’t forget the moisturizer! Sorme Firming Mineral Moisture Cream is to die for as a lightweight moisturizer that firms and revitalizes skin.

2. Spending hours in a tanning bed / not using SPF in the sun.

Listen, I KNOW a good tan and some time in the sun can make you feel happier. But I can’t stress the importance of healthy skin habits, which include always using SPF and staying away from tanning beds. I really regret using a tanning bed when I was a teenager. If you feel more beautiful with a tan, try a spray tan! Most salons offer them at a reasonable price. Never tried a spray tan before? Follow these 10 tips for a successful spray tan experience. Even better? Wear sunscreen EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Sorme Daily Defense Cream SPF 30 is a super easy way to protect your face, and you can easily layer on makeup over its lightweight formula.

3. Skipping regular hair trims.

Scheduling regular trims (every 6 to 9 weeks depending on your hair type and product usage) will help keep your hair healthy! Hair trims allow your hair to continue growing and helps repair damaged hair. One stylist once told me, “You have to get regular trims or your hair will get split ends and cut itself. If you’ve been growing your hair out for over a year and it’s only grown a few inches – then you aren’t getting it trimmed enough. Your hair will and does grow a half an inch each month, but if it’s cutting itself you will feel like your hair isn’t growing at all.”

4. Using expired or bad beauty products.

Just like the milk you leave out for Santa, your beauty products have an expiration date! Make sure you’re using top of the line products that your stylist recommends for your hair type and habits. Not sure how to check the expiration date? Ask your stylist – she/he is always there to help you buy the best products.

5. Biting your nails.

Oh man – I am guilty as charged! I mainly bite my nails when I am nervous or stressed out, but this is definitely a disgusting habit I need to break soon. Want to join me in breaking this bad habit? Try painting your nails daily – one of our bloggers said this tip really helped end her nail biting days.

6. Washing your hair daily.

Believe it or not, washing your hair daily can make your hair brittle and dry because you’re stripping your hair of precious natural oils by washing it daily. Some people even notice their hair falling out more when they wash it daily! Try going 2-3 days without washing your hair (use dry shampoo on your off days).

7. Not cleaning your makeup brushes.

Do you clean your make-up brushes monthly? Weekly? Daily? NEVER!? Makeup artists suggest cleaning your brushes weekly (or daily if you’re acne prone) to help prevent breakouts and keep your products lasting longer. Follow these five steps for cleaning your makeup brushes.

8. Using box hair coloring kits at home.

Just like using a tanning bed, I really regret all my years of box coloring my hair in my “younger years.” If you aren’t sure about the differences between box hair color vs. professional– check out this blog post. In a nutshell, box color is made for a “one size fits all” approach + causes hair damage by killing your hair cuticle! Still not convinced? Here are four reasons you should stop box coloring your hair.

Remember – Santa is making a list and checking it twice! He (or your hairstylist) will find out if you’ve been naughty or nice with your beauty habits!

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