How the Beauty Routines that Reduce Stress

It’s been a long week…and it’s not even close to the weekend yet. You’re feeling extra tense but you don’t have a ton of extra time or money to splurge on reducing stress. Well, we are here to offer some beauty routines that can actually help you reduce stress.

Just call us the Stress Reducing Fairies!

Here we go:

Aromatherapy Bath

Citrus and Lavender have both been known to help reduce stress. So instead of taking a shower in the morning and rushing off to work- take a bath before you go to bed. Add in some lavender or citrus bubble bath and soak for at least 20 minutes. Not only is it soothing- it’s also beneficial for the overall glow of your skin.

Hair Mask

It might seem odd that deep conditioning your hair can reduce stress, but bear with us! Find a hair mask with a coconut or citrus scent. Already, the scent has calming capabilities. Later, begin to apply the mask onto your hair. But here’s the trick….massage it onto your head. Allow your fingers to work the conditioning treatment through onto your scalp.

Massaging your scalp has been known to help your hair grow AND reduce stress. So tomorrow your hair will look fantastic and you’ll feel at ease.

Cold Spoon

You’ve probably heard of putting cucumbers on your eyes to reduce puffiness and feel a sense of calm. But what if you don’t have cucumbers? No problem. When I’m feeling extra stressed I can feel it in my eyeballs. They pulse and create a massive headache. Not only that, but wearing makeup day after day can cause our eyes to become irritated. Combine this with lack of sleep and you’ve got some seriously red and puffy eyes.

So here’s what you can do:

  • Get a glass of ice water.
  • Get a spoon and put it into the cup.
  • Let the spoon sit for about 2 minutes.
  • Remove the spoon and rest the BACK of the spoon on your eye until the spoon becomes room temperature. (Be very gentle- your eyes are precious material!)
  • Repeat on the other eye. Not only will you feel a sense of calm, your eyes will look and feel better.

Eye Makeup

There have been studies done on the effects that certain colors have on people’s overall mood. Businesses have decorated based on these studies- so why not decorate your face? The most calming colors are in the blue family.

So tomorrow when you’re applying your daily makeup, add in some blues. Take a long look at yourself in the mirror once the finished product is done and go about your day- feeling calm, cool, and collected.

Clean and Organize

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by your day-to-day life, cleaning can help have a sense of control. You have power of how your living space looks, but you might not have 3 hours to deep clean your floors. That’s why we suggest that you take twenty minutes to clean and organize something so important- your makeup bag. Your brushes can contain some serious bacteria and there’s more likely than not some serious residue at the bottom of your case. Organize it and feel refreshed. Plus, it will help your skin out in the long run.

And ladies? Don’t forget to sleep. Sleep is so important.

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