Chic Boho Bun Updo – Caramel & Blonde Messy Medium Updo

Side View of Chic Boho Bun Updo

The best part of this fantastic style is that we don’t have to envy her, because anyone with medium or long hair can easily get this amazing look, too!

The crown is lightly back-combed to add flattering height above the loosely twisted sides that are pinned at the back. The chignon is a short pony.

Side View of Chic Boho Bun Updo
Side View of Chic Boho Bun Updo 2014 /tumblr

ail curved under and pinned or sprayed into place, with a pretty blonde tress loosely draped around it for added style!  The loose wisps complement this casual, modern and sophisticated style beautifully.

Adding lots of contemporary chic, the fantastic caramel, beige and toffee shades in the highlighting accentuate the creative textures in this artfully messy chignon to perfection!

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