22 Hottest Short Hairstyles for Summer

Hey, divas! Have you noticed that the short hairstyles are becoming more and more popular these days? Have you ever come across the thought that you want to cut your hair short? Whatever, one thing you should know is that you need to find an ideal short hairstyle for yourself with suits your face shape and your personal style!

Therefore, your personal stylist today wants to show you some stunning short hairstyle ideas for you to copy. These 25 short haircuts will be quite hot in summer . No matter you are looking for a hairstyle which is cute or one that is edgy, you can find what you want from the gallery below. Just stay here and check them out! Enjoy!

Classy Blonde Bob Hairstyle for Straight Hair /Via

Classic Short Bob Haircut: Back View of Short Hair

For women who think their hair is too thick, this layered bob haircut is the best choice, which will make your hair looks lighter. On the other hand, the smooth straight hairlines make it such an adorable hair look for those sweet girls to try.

Fantastic Brunette Bob Haircut/Via

Cute Bob Haircut for Straight Hair

Some women may be upset about their thin hair. Don’t worry! Here is a wonderful short haircut for thin hair. The messy style and the bouffant section on the back of the head add natural volume to the hair and create a more perfect head shape at the same time. Women with all face shapes will look gorgeous with such a pretty haircut.

Lovely Short Hairstyle with Braided Fringe /Via

Short Hairstyles for Holidays

If you don’t want to go to the barber’s to get a new haircut but you want your short hair to look different, then try to braid your front hair.  You will find that you become so sweet instantly. Besides, it is a smart trick to save a bad hair quickly in the morning.

Pretty Messy Short Haircut for Women/Via

Short Messy Hairstyles for Long Faces: Women Haircuts

The messy hairstyles are quite hot rencelty. The soft waves on the top section glam up the whole look effortlessly in a natural way. If you want to look  fashionable, just have a try with this blonde wavy short haircut.

Chic Side-parted Short Hairstyle /Via

Best Short Haircuts for Women

This asymmetrical short bob is so luscious and with a graduated style. A lot of volume has been stacked on the back of the head to create a wonderful style. The long side-parted bangs elongate the pretty jaw visually, which makes this short hairstyle a ideal choice for women with round face.

Ombre Wavy Haircut for Short Hair /Via

Ombre Wavy Hairstyle for Short Hair

Women who don’t want their hair to be too short may find hairstyles at this length acceptable. Generally, the medium curls add volume to the hair and will make women more sophisticated. When added some ombre effects, the whole look can be even more trendy.

Simple Blonde Short Haircut /Via

2014 Short Haircuts for Women

The bob haircut is the most adorable short hairstyle among all the short hairstyles. Most women who first try the short hairstyles will choose one like this. This blonde bob is simple yet stylish and women at any age will be suitable with it.

Asymmetrical Black Short Haircut /Via

Short Asymmetrical Haircuts for Fine Hair

If you are confident with your face, then you must want to try this glamorous geometrical short haircut which i’s featured by much volume on the upper section. Women with squalr or round face should avoid such an angular haircut!

Edgy Short Hairstyle with Long Side Bangs /Via

Short Hair with Long Bangs

If you want your short hair to be more special and eye catching, you may experiment with this asymmetrical short haircut. The long side bangs covers one of the eyes and add some mysterious touch to the whole look. Also, you can add some bright highlights to your hair to make it more stunning.

Stylish Ombre Wavy Bob Hairstyle /Via

Ombre Bob

This is a rather pretty and trendy bob hairstyle for everyday occasions. The textured curls falls naturally on the shoulder and the ombre style gives a sun-kissed effect to the whole look.

 Black Pixie Haircut for Summer  /Via

Pixie Haircut for Summer: Women Hairstyles

This hairstyle suit women who like boy haircut. The hair on both sides has been cut shorter and the hair in the front is longer.  Some height and volume has been added to the top section so that the head profile can be perfect.

Pretty Short Haircut with Side-parted Fringe /Via

Blonde Pixie Hair Cut for Women

Quite a pretty short haircut for lovely women. The soft side-swept fringe draws attention to the beautiful eyes. Cute layers on the top add life to the whole look. It’s so short yet it’s so sweet as well.

Edgy Pixie Hairstyles /Via

For a more edgy and rebellious look, you may create a short hairstyle combined with the shaved style. Honestly speaking, some of them may be too special to rock for certain occasions, while some are indeed quite fabulous.

Short Pixie Haircuts Trends

Chic Shaved Hairstyle for Women /Via

The red hair is chic and popular for women! Do you like this one?

Really Cute, Short Shaved Haircut

Edgy Shaved Haircut with Long Bangs /Via

To make your boyish short haircut more fantastic, you can try to leave a longer finge in the front. It’s really fashionable!

Shaved Pixie Blended with Long Bangs

Messy Pixie Short Haircut with Shaved Sides /Via

Do you want to have a Hollywood hairstyle? Just have a try with this messy pixie haircut. Hair in the front is longer and tousled messily to create a careless look while the hair on the sides has been trimmed neatly and tamely. This is a very luscious hairstyle for parties or some special events.

Pixie Haircut with Shaved Sides: Short Hairstyles Trends

Edgy Black Short Haircut  /Via

Compared with the former hairstyle, this short haircut is much too edgy. For some formal occasions, you should avoid it.

Trendy Short Hairstyles for African American Women


Fashionable Short Hairstyle /Via

A fashionable short haircut for younger people. A side part divide the hair into two secions. One of them has been shaved while the other part was covered with textured hair which is swept to one side.

One Side Shaved Hairstyles for Short Hair

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