21 Eye-catching A-line Bob Hairstyles

Being that bobs are so popular, we wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it were a hairstyle that you’ve either already had before or one that you’re considering getting. But if you’re currently looking for a new look and you’re not sure if a bob is best, hear us out for a sec.

One thing that’s awesome about bobs is they are super easy to maintain (definitely a perk). Another thing that’s great about bobs is they transcend age demographics. A woman of any age will be stunning with one. And then if you go with an A-line bob (the kind that’s also known as an inverted bob), you can have a style that is clean and modern.

Have we convinced you to try a bob (again) yet?

If not, check these pictures out…we’re sure that you will.

Platinum short A-line bob

Classic a-line bob hairstyle for fine hair

This picture comes right under the red one because it basically shows you what the same cut would look like if you dyed it blonde. Platinum blonde, that is.

A-line bob with side part

long a-line bob haircut for oval face shapes

This A-line bob basically shows you what your hair will look like if you put a side part into it.

Straight A-line lob

straight long a-line bob hairstyle for shoulder length hair

As you can see in the “before” picture, this model’s hair was initially naturally wavy. After cutting it into an A-line lob, her stylist blow dried it straight. And here are the results. Beautiful!

A-line bob with honey highlights

short straight a-line bob hairstyle for women

One of the best things about this particular inverted bob is the fact that it has honey highlights all throughout it.

Air-dried A-line bob

soft wavy a-line bob hairstyle for medium length hair

Messy bob cut: One hair trend that’s big right now that’s actually really good for your hair is “air-dried”. Yep. All you have to do is get out of the shower, dry it (really well) with a towel and you’re good to go! Plus, your hair will not be damaged by the heat.

A-line bob with chunks of a lighter color

A-line Bob Hairstyle with highlights

When you have your hair colored with chunks that are a few shades from your natural shade, it has a way of still looking like you were born with them. Even if you weren’t.

A-line bob with tapered neckline and bangs

trendy graduated a-line bob hairstyle

There are basically two things that makes this A-line bob stand out: the darker tapered neckline and the blunt bangs. (We really like how the neckline is darker than the rest of the hair for added depth!)

Brunette A-line lob

medium length hair ideas - the long a-line bob cut

Are you a natural brunette? Or maybe you’ve been thinking about dyeing your hair a deeper shade of brown? All you would need to do is give it an inverted angle and…voila!

Bone straight A-line bob (for thin hair)

A-Line lob with soft beige babylights for fine thin hair

If you’ve been hesitant to go with a bob or lob because you feel like your hair is too thin, that’s no reason to deny yourself of one! As you can see, even if your tresses are on the thin side, you can still look pretty amazing. (And remember that if you want some thickness, you can add a few weave tracks!)

Platinum A-line lob (with a middle part)

ashy blonde and an a-line bob

A lob is simply another way for saying a “long bob” and this picture depicts what one of those is. The special features of this particular look is the fact that it’s an A-line lob that is dyed platinum and comes with a middle part.

Bright red A-line bob

Redhead - red a-line bob hairstyle
Credit /tumblr

Pardon the pun but red is a really HOT color right now. One that works with pretty much all skin tones. If you want a relatively short and easy-to-keep cut, this is one recommendation that goes on the top of our list.

Medium A-line bob (for thick hair)

A-line Bob hair color ideas

If you’d prefer not to go with a super short bob or a full-out lob, here is a happy medium. Just right for thick hair.

Caramel-colored A-line bob

Classic a-line bob haircut for round face shapes

Simple easy daily hairstyle for short hair: Here’s a color that is fun and rich-looking all at once: a caramel colored inverted bob.

A-line bob with longer front

A-line Bob Hairstyle
Credit /twitter

Sometimes what can make an inverted bob more dramatic is if the front is considerably longer. This one has front pieces that gently grace her collarbone. (If you love this cut, you may like these blunt bob cuts.)

Subtle A-line lob

A-line Bob hairstyle for oval face shapes

Do you still want to be able to pull your hair up into a ponytail? If so, you can if you go with an A-line bob that has really long layers in the back.

Purple A-line bob

purple a-line bob hairstyle with bangs - side view
Credit /facebook

Purple is a really popular hair color right now. If you like the look, but you’re not sure if you want to commit to it, you can always go with a wig. Your stylist can cut it to look just like this one.

Jet black A-line bob

Long A-line Bob Haircut for black women

African American bob hairstyles for women: If you have a darker skin tone, words can’t express how sexy you’ll be with a jet black bob.

A-line lob with blue tips

Short sleek dark to purple ombre a-line bob hairstyle

Long straight bob hairstyle for women: Here’s a nice twist to how to add highlights to your hair. Rather than going with a neutral hue, try something like deep blue (or even dark green).

A-line bob with natural roots

brunette to blonde ombre A-line lob hairstyle

Natural roots are in. That’s a good thing too because if you prefer to color your hair a light shade such as light blonde, too much processing can do a real number on it. These days, though, when someone tells you “Your roots are showing”, you can simply fling your A-line hair and say “Thank you.”

A-line ombre bob

straight a-line ombre bob cut
Credit /pinterest

Short hairstyles for 2016: Here’s how to make an ombre inverted bob work for you. It’s pretty classy, if we do say so ourselves.

A-line bob with side-swept bangs

Fashion A-line Bob Haircut with bangs for short hair

A really long bang can make an otherwise cut inverted bob a truly sexy one. As you can pretty easily see right here.

Don’t love the straight bob cuts? How about the wavy/curly bob hairstyles? Check it out here and find more cool hairstyles on stylesweekly.com

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