25 Summer Beach Outfits 2024 – Beach Outfit Ideas for Women

Beach Babe Casual

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to take your your beach wear and make sure it still fits! Even the best of us find that over the course of winter, our styles have changed from last summer. What was in then, isn’t as appealing today. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a whole new outfit (but hey, go for it!). Sometimes all we need to do is a bit of mix and matching, or borrowing from a friend. I’m lucky to live with two friends. To me, this translates as two more full closets of clothes for me to wear! So, let’s get in style and get our beach wear on!

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

1. Sheer Cover

Sheer Cover
Sheer Cover/via

Jessica Alba shows us that there is absolutely nothing wrong with just your bikini and a sheer cover up. It’s perfect for tanning and having a great time!

2. Boy Friend Material

Boy Friend Material
Boy Friend Material/via

There is nothing sexier than a loose button up with your everyday shorts.

3. California Girls

California Girls
California Girls/via

Get stylin’ with these long-boarding babes! Hats, beachy waves and tanks will never go out of fashion.

4. Beach Dress

Beach Dress
Beach Dress/via

Any casual dress is a beach dress. Barefoot and beautiful, you are ready to stroll by the ocean.

5. The Hipster

The Hipster
The Hipster/via

This gorgeously long top and killer shades are spot on.

6. The Ocean Dancer

Ocean Dancer
Ocean Dancer/via

For a more playful look, try a short flowing dress!

7. Prints and Boots

Prints and Boots
Prints and Boots/via

This ultra edgy look will make sure you don’t get sand stuck to your feet!

8. Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants
Palazzo Pants/via

Whip out some palazzo pants with a stunning print and you bound to “wow” those around you.

9. Crochet Cool

Crochet Cool
Crochet Cool/via

This stunning look is perfect for the beach, and dinner at a restaurant after! It’s all in the belt. If you take it off, this look becomes instantly more casual.

10. Ready To Tan

Ready to Tan
Ready to Tan/via

White is the colour of summer and this outfit says it all. Get out there an tan to your hearts content.

11. The Wanderer

The Wanderer
The Wanderer/via

Are you more of the exploring type? Adventure in style with this chic look!

12. The Classic Bikini

Classic Bikini
Classic Bikini/via

It’s classic. It’s what we think of when we hear “beach.” What else can be said?

13. Hippie Flow

Hippie Flow
Hippie Flow/via

A stunning white strapless and tan sandals? Perfection.

14. Sexy Cris Cross

Sexy Cris-cross
Sexy Cris-cross/via

There are many looks we can get away with on the beach, and not on the street. This is one. Be careful though! It could give you a wicked tan line.

15. Fringing Beauty

Fringing Beauty
Fringing Beauty/via

It’s all about the fringe. This beach outfit is definitely a keeper.

16. Beach Babe Casual

Beach Babe Casual
Beach Babe Casual/via

Classic perfection. This outfit prepares you for any beach activity!

17. Knitted Crop

Knitted Crop
Knitted Crop/via

Who says you have to wear a bathing suit if you don’t like to swim? This knitted top is the perfect solution.

18. Lace Coverup

Lace Coverup
Lace Coverup/via

Don’t we all wish we had a coverup as breath-taking as this one? I sure do.

19. Beach to Street

Beach to Street
Beach to Street/via

Cozy and undeniably elegant, this look is perfect for anyone looking to talk a leisurely walk through the sand.

20. Boho Beach Bum

Boho Beach Bum
Boho Beach Bum/via

Run down the beach in this look and you’ll look like you’re straight out of a music video!

21. The Casual Runner

The Casual Runner
The Casual Runner/via

Speaking of running, this is a great casual and sporty look that is still very trendy.

22. Unintentional Elegance

Unintentional Elegance
Unintentional Elegance/via

This pretty much sums up the attitude of beach styles: it’s chill and anything goes.

23. Low Armhole Coverup

Low Armhole Coverup
Low Armhole Coverup/via

White may be the “beach colour,” but that just makes those who wear black even more striking.

24. Floral and Lace

Floral and Lace
Floral and Lace/via

Let the sun set as you rock this trendy style.

25. Retro Beach Look

Retro Beach Look
Retro Beach Look/via

High waisted with a bow? This look definitely carries some 60s vibes.


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