Going Green With Eco-Friendly Perfumes

More and more people are becoming conscious about the fragrances that they spritz on their body to make them stay fresh. This has come in the wake of the “going green movement” where everything seems to have the eco-friendly tag on it. High-end fragrance makers are now resorting to creating ethical, perfumes made from locally sourced materials and using environmentally friendly packaging. But just how different is the ethical, eco-friendly perfume from the standard fragrances in the market?

Going Green With Eco-Friendly Perfumes

First, green perfumes tend to be costlier than their regular counterparts are. This should not come as a surprise given that everything that is eco-friendly is typically highly priced. The reason that these fragrances have higher price is that the raw materials used to create and develop them are rare and difficult to source. Non-natural perfume makers develop their scents synthetically from the labs, thus these perfumes tend to be easier to manufacture, compared to natural fragrances.  On the other hand, the green fragrances are developed using sometime native seeds and flowers to extract the aromatic components. As one might expect the process of going round the world to source for unique plants with fragrances can take quite a while.

Other than the label on the bottle, how would you tell that that a fragrance manufacture is truly creating eco friendly fragrances? While just about any brand can claim to have natural fragrances, the best way to tell is to undertake responsible shopping. This entails finding out more about the brand by scouring their website and using alternative the resources such as cosmeticsinfo.org. These resources will furnish you with a host of information on the ingredients found in natural fragrances.

In the line of eco-friendly, perfumes there are those that claim to be organic. This means that they are either manufactured from purely wild flowers that grow naturally in various parts of the world. It could also mean that the plants are grown in small scale and without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Again, organic perfumes tend to be costlier than the regular perfume. Initially, when the wave of eco-friendly fragrances was just rising, these perfumes had a single distinct fragrance because they were made of just one main ingredient. Today the perfumes are more diverse and offer both men and women a wider range of options from which to choose.

Overall, natural perfumes are becoming the preferred choice for most people now. Consider this: perfume manufactures are not required to strictly list all the ingredients that they use to create just a single fragrance. Besides, they use hundred if not thousands of petrochemicals to come up with just this one fragrance, they possibly could not list all these in a small bottle of body spritz. Most of the chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are sourced from petroleum, which can cause allergic irritations to the skin. Some people even report to having breathing difficulties because of using these types of fragrances.  Although you might have to dig deeper into your pocket for a natural fragrance, the benefits might as well be worth it. (stylesweekly.com)

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