17 Fashionable Celebrity Bob Haircuts to Copy


The bob haircuts have been popular for many years and they are still quite hot now. If you want to experiment with a chic short haircut, you should not miss the bob hairstyles. That’s because the short haircuts are really fabulous for all women and all occasions. In this post, we have collected 17 most fashionable celebrity bob haircuts for women to copy. Just scroll down and check them out.

Stylish Blonde Bob with Bangs

Stylish Blonde Bob with Bangs /via

The blonde hair is super fabulous when styled into this bob haircut. Moreover, the subtle waves and side bangs add a lot of life and movements to the hair and make it a stylish hairstyle for all women.

Sleek Straight Bob Haircut

Sleek Straight Bob Haircut /via

Stuck one side of the hair behind the ear and your face shape will look slimmer. This sleek straight bob is quite a chic hairstyle for formal occasions.

Side-Parted Straight Bob

Side-Parted Straight Bob /via

This side-parted bob is very cool for women to try. No matter it is in summer or winter, this short haircut will complete your outift in a faddish way.

Graduated Bob Haircut for Blonde Hair

Graduated Bob Haircut for Blonde Hair /via

Young women will look effortless chic with this graduated bob haircut. Plus, it is an ideal hairstyle for round face shapes.

Grey Bob with Purple Highlights

Grey Bob with Purple Highlights/via

This grey bob haircut is actually very lovely and decent if its color is blonde or brown. But for young fashionistas, this grey hair color, together with some purple highlights, is a very stunnig choice.

Straight Bob Haircut for Brown Hair

Straight Bob Haircut for Brown Hair /via

Such a beautiful straight haircut looks very simple yet it is quite stylish thanks to the brown hair color. In addition, those soft locks really add a lot of feminity to the overall look.

Wavy Long Bob Haircut

Wavy Long Bob Haircut /via

To get a more mature look, you can hava a try with the wavy long bob hairstyle. The loose waves and ombre hair look work together to make this hair look much more fashionable.

Ombre Wavy Lob HairStyle

Ombre Wavy Lob HairStyle /via

For younger women, this ombre wavy lob hairstyle is a more suitable and stunning option.

Side-Parted Wavy Bob Haircut

Side-Parted Wavy Bob Haircut /via

Those flirty curls turn this bob hairstyle more attractive. In additon, the side-parted hairstyle is great to frame the round face.

Chic Black Bob Haircut

Chic Black Bob Haircut/via

For women with square face shapes, this bob haircut is a very chic idea to copy.

Camel Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Camel Bob Hairstyle with Bangs /via

This camel bobo hairstyle looks quite gorgeous with those subtle curls. Besides, the side-swept bangs play an important role in framing the imperfect forehead and face shape. All women will look fabulous with this hairstyle.

Center-Parted Bob Haircut

Center-Parted Bob Haircut /via

This center-parted blonde bob is quite natural and beautiful. Besides, it looks great with all kinds of outfits.

Chic Bob Haircut for Round Face

Chic Bob Haircut for Round Face /via

With the hair ends blown toward the face, this bob hairstyle looks so soft and pretty. Both young and mature women are suited for this chic haircut.

Feminine Bob Haircut with Curly Ends

Feminine Bob Haircut with Curly Ends /via

We all know the side-parted bob is very feminine. If you want to imporve the look, just create some curls at the hair ends. This will make your more charming.

Fashionable Wavy Bob Haircut

Fashionable Wavy Bob Haircut /via

If you want your face look thinner and your hair look prettier, this wavy bob haircut should be a stunning solution. By the way, it suits mature women better.

Pretty Bob Haircut with Blunt Bangs

Pretty Bob Haircut with Blunt Bangs /via

The blunt bangs and the round hair look make this bob haircut extremely lovely for all women. If you want to look youthful and adorable, this hairstyle must be the best choice.

Curled Out Bob for Mature Women

Curled Out Bob for Mature Women /via

This curled out bob looks quite sophisticated and it will bring a confident look to women who wear this chic hairstyle.

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