12 Tips for A Perfect Eye Shadow Makeup

An exquiste eye makeup cannot do without perfect eye shadow makeup. Everyone knows this, but not all women can do a nice even a clean eye shadow makeup. Actually, there are some things you really need to know if you want your eye shadow makeup to be even more fantastic.

Here, we will show you what they are. Just stay here and check out what they are. They are sure to be helpful. Scroll down and enjoy!

No.1 The Right Posture for Eye Makeup

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This is the best posture for you do an eye makeup on your own.

No.2 Make Clear What Your Eye Shape Is

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Knowing what your eye shape is very important so that you can use the right makeup skills to beautify your eyes and make them perfect.

No.3 How to Deal with Makeup Fallout

How to Deal with Makeup Fallout via
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It is inevitable that the makeup will fall out. So, you need to know some tricks to deal with this problem, which is quite useful.

No.4 The Setting Spray for Makeup

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If your mascra is easy to fall off, you may spout some spray onto your lashes first. Becuase the setting spray can keep your mascra there all day long.

No.5 Know the Makeup Lingo

Makeup Lingo  via

There are plenty of makeup tutorials for you to follow. However, if you don’t know the lingo, you may find it difficult to get the ideal makeup look, especially when there is no video or pictures.

No.6 Know the Function of Each Shade of Your  Shadow Palette

Functional Palete via

When you buy a new eye shadow palette, you should use it as what is shown in this picture so your eye makeup can look more professional.

No.7 Learn the Usage of Different Makeup Brushes

Usage of Makeup Brushes via

If you would like to do your makeup with brushes, you should know exactly the usage of different brushes. Thus, they can do their work to the best.

No.7 Find the Most Suitable Eye Shadow for Yourself

Eye Shadow  via

If you go to the cosmetics shops, you will be dazed by the kinds of eye shadows. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each kind so that they can be used appropriately. Look here:

Pressed Eye Shadows: most common and easy to use. You can blend them easily and they are not likely to be messy.

Loose Eye Shadows: You can find the most color pigment in this kind, but they are involute to use because they may be messy easily.

Cream Eye Shadows: They are the best base colors for eye makeups. They are also beautiful as a simple solid coverage.

No.9 Apply Primer

makeup via

If you want your eye makeup to last longer, then don’t begrudge your primer.

No.9 White Eye Liners Can Make Colors Strong

White Eye Liners via

If you prefer a colored eye makeup, you may as well draw the white eye liners before you apply the colored shadows. It will help them stand out.

No.10 How to Makeup Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyes Makeup via

People with hooded eyes always find it overwhelmed that their eye makeup is barely there when they open there eyes. So, just draw a line with your eyes open and then apply your eye shadows.

No.11 Hashtag Shape Helps Make An “Outer V”

Outer V via

The outer V can make your eyes look intense and full of stories. If you can’t make a perfect one, just draw a hashtag shape first. It can help you.

No.12 Create A Pretty Shape

makeup via
makeup via

You can make such a pretty look with a quads palette. Creating defined yet well-blended shapes will make your eyes more attractive. Follow the tutorial and have a try.

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Or, you can make use of an eye shadow pencil to draw a defined line and then apply shadows.

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