6 Easy Ways to Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

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We’ve schooled you on the naughty beauty habits that should be added to your don’t list, but there are some other dirty little beauty no-no’s that can add up to big problems. Further “eww” proof your act with these 6 easy ways to clean up your beauty routine.


1) Wash your hands:

Are you dipping dirty hands into your beauty products before you apply them? If so, cut it out right now. Washing your digits is a critical first step in preventing the spread of bacteria and product contamination.

2) Keep your beauty stash away from the toilet:

Flushing with your beauty stash near the toilet with the lid up means that some unsavory matter is probably landing on your Sorme Shimmer Glow bronzer brush and other products through the air. Store your stuff in a covered area like drawers or cabinets away from the toilet.

3) Watch where you place your makeup bag:

When you take your makeup bag to a public restroom, make sure you’re not bringing back bacteria from counters with you. Create a barrier between your Sorme Mineral Secret Loose Finishing Powder and other products and the counter to avoid picking up icky germs. This is especially important during the dreaded cold and flu season.

4) Scrape away the top layers:

Have you noticed that your brushes aren’t picking up your powder products like they used to? The oily buildup could be the culprit. Gently scrape off the top layers of your products every 3 weeks or so to get the gunk out. This also applies to lipsticks (we’re loving Sorme Perfect Performance Lip Colors) and pencils.

5) Sharpen your liners:

A sharp liner pencil is a cleaner liner pencil. Sharpening your liners not only keeps them clean, but it keeps your applications on point. Twist ‘em just enough to take of the top layer, then disinfect your sharpener before and after each use. For retractable pencils, dip the tips in rubbing alcohol and let them dry to sanitize.

6) Don’t forget about the rest of your tools:

Your makeup brushes aren’t the only tools that need to be cleaned regularly. When’s the last time you cleaned your eyelash curlers and tweezers? Keep them free of debris by using alcohol wipes after each use.

Use these simple beauty tweaks to keep your makeup game in tip top shape! Don’t forget about your hair, too. Product build-up can cramp your style (literally!), so remember to shampoo with a clarifying shampoo about twice a month. Think of it as a reboot button for your strands!

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