5 Beauty Rules You Can (and Should!) Break

beauty rules

A moment on your lips, forever on your hips.”
“Never wear your makeup to bed.”
“Moisturize your skin every SINGLE day.”
“Never leave the house without mascara.

We’re all familiar with the beauty rules that we were taught from women before us. Whether we read them in a magazine, heard about them on TV, or were repeatedly reminded from those we admire most…we’ll probably never forget these golden rules. But with recent research into beauty trends I’ve discovered something amazing. Guess what? There are some beauty rules you can AND should break. Ready for this? Brace yourself.

1. Always Match Your Lipstick To Your Nail Polish:

No! Absolutely not. With the nail polish colors that are available to us these days, we’d be hard-pressed to match our lips. And why would you want to? Red lips are in, but red nails to match the red lips? Eh. Aim to make your lips and nails complimentary, not matching!

2. Brush Your Hair 100 Times Before Bed For Healthy, Shiny Hair: 

Ladies, step away from the hair brushes. While this technique may be a zen practice for you, it is probably causing serious breakage to your hair. Only brush your hair if absolutely necessary for styling or detangling. Otherwise…let your hair go free.

3. Lather Your Hair Until It Squeaks: 

If your hair feels squeaky after a wash, you’re doing it wrong. That means that you have washed away all the essential oils that make your hair shiny, bouncy, and voluminous. You aren’t washing the sink, ladies! Be gentle on those luscious locks.

4. Don’t Let Your Roots Show: 

Uh-uh. Let them show. Ombre, sombre and color melt hair colors are all the rage right now. And it doesn’t seem like it’s going anyway anytime soon. No need to rush to the salon at the first sign of your roots- let ’em show! Besides, your hair might be in need of a little break from the coloring.

5. Never Pair Smoky Eyes With A Bold Lip Color: 

Um, thanks but no thanks, I’ll be throwing this rule out the window. Sure, if your smoky eye is a little too intense with the orange lips it can look like a Halloween costume. But that doesn’t mean you should shy away from experimenting! The secret to nailing this look is all about compromise… learning what works best. Maybe start with neutral colors on your smoky eye and a more neutral lip color. If that works, add a little more. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

There you have it, 5 beauty rules you can AND should break. What other beauty rules are you throwing out the window?

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