20 Pretty Permed Hairstyles – Pop Perms Looks You Can Try!

Back in the 80s (and early 90s), curly perms were “in”, but they were also (dare we say it?) a bit on the corny side. The curl patterns were so tight that it was hard to style which made the look more dated than anything else.

Thankfully perms have upgraded a bit. As you’ll see in just a few seconds, there are some that are actually quite pretty, fresh and modern too.

Here are some incredible pop perm styles…

Silver perm

permed long curly hairstyle - silver perms look

Silver hair is still (pardon the pun) making some waves right now. So, if you wanted to color your hair in this shade, there’s certainly no time like the present.

Loose curls perm

curly hairstyles - permed hairstyle for women

Between tight curls and loose waves, lies a curl pattern that is really close to this one. It basically looks like she took small sections of her hair and wrapped it around a curling iron barrel. It’s very soft and romantic.

Honey brown and blonde perm

permed short haircut for black women

African American hair ideas – the ombre permed haircut. This is an absolutely unbelievable haircut! The color makes it so enviable and the curl pattern adds tons of personality to it.

Brunette permed hairstyle for long hair

permed hair style for black women with long hair

There are basically two ways that you can achieve this look: with a curly perm or with a weave that has a curly pattern (if you don’t want to commit to a perm).

Loose perm with bangs

perms hairstyles - permed long brunette hairstyle with bangs

Cute Asian hairstyle for girls: Here’s one way to break up the monotony of a perm if you’ve already been wearing one for a while: get some bangs. Tip: Just make sure to keep perm out of your bangs area so that they will be as straight as possible.

Two-tone short perm

permed hairstyle for black women

Curly perms aren’t just for long hair. As you can see, they are adorable (and even a bit sexy) on short hair too; especially with a two-tone hair color like this one.

Platinum perm with dark roots

textured blonde curly hairstyle for black women
Credit /tumblr

Platinum hair color can work for all skin tones. Even more so if you let a couple of inches of your natural roots show.

Perm with side part

short permed bob hairstyle
Credit /instagram

If you don’t have bangs but you want to wear your hair out of your face, while you can use a headband, barrette or a scarf, there’s another simple solution: put in a side part. It works for any type of hair. Including a permed style.

Tiny waves perm


African American permed curly hairstyle for girls

Permed hairstyle for girls: This kind of perm has tiny waves; the kind that are so small that they virtually appear non-existent. It’s a happy medium if you have days when you want to wear your hair wavy and others when you’d prefer to wear it straight.

Buttery blond perm

Golden Spiral Perm Hairstyle
Credit /pinterest

Thinking about coloring your hair blonde? Our vote is to try a buttery blonde hair color. You’ll be as trendy as some of the top celebrities on the scene.

Ombre perm

permed hairstyles

Something that’s great about a perm is it can make different hair color technique look very different than it would if it were straight. This ombre color is a perfect example of that.

Long curly perm (with long layers)

long curly hairstyle - permed hairstyles

Hair ideas for 2016: If her hair was straight, it would probably be way past her bra line. But with the help of a perm, it makes her hair look really big and full. Plus, the long layers give it a “curly fro” look. Wild and wonderful in every way!

Brunette perm with blonde low lights

back view of layered permed hairstyle for long hair

You’ve probably heard a lot about highlights before but if you’re wondering how low lights look (especially on dark hair), here is one example. Basically, it provides a “barely there” kind of color. It’s nice if you don’t want anything that’s too bold or brass.

Light brown perm with blonde highlights

medium permed hairstyle for blonde hair

This is the kind of color technique that’s super versatile in the sense that no matter what skin tone you may have, this honey hue with blonde highlights is a good complement.

Loose waves perm

sun kissed permed hairstyle for medium length hair

This perm goes to show that not every perm has to consist of tight curls. Here’s one that provides wave patterns that actually look like you were born with ’em.

Spiral curls perm

curly hairstyles for women - permed hairstyles

If this doesn’t make you want to run out and get a perm, we truly don’t know what will! Between the spiral curls, the incredible hair color and those layers, this is the kind of look that is really (REALLY) close to perfection.

Perm with light brown tips

layered brunette messy bob hairstyle for shoulder length hair

Whether or not your hair is naturally brown, it will look like you’ve done a bit of sunbathing by coloring the tips of your hair a light brown shade.

Tri-color perm

Red dark Messy Bob Hairstyle for black women

Dark brown, auburn and light brown. What an amazing hair color combination for a curly do!

Black-and-blonde perm

medium dark to blonde ombre messy bob hairstyle for black women

Sometimes, two extremes go really well together. Like black and blonde hair. We love it on this curly ombre bob style.

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