Celebrity Hairstyles: Nikki Reed Hairstyles

1. Nikki Reed Wavy Hairstyles

Nikki Reed Wavy Hairstyles
Nikki Reed Wavy Hairstyles /Getty Images

For a tousled, just out of bed look this is a great choice of style – Nikki Reed’s long hair has been given a gentle wavy feel and then swept over the top of the head so that almost all the hair is at one side, tumbling over the shoulder in waves. This look has a touch of the 1980’s revival about it, but just a subtle hint of retro 80s style, nothing overwhelming or tacky. Some golden highlights really work, warming the tone of the hair up and tying it to Nikki Reed’s gorgeous skin tone.

2. Nikki Reed Updo 

Nikki Reed Updo
Nikki Reed Updo /Getty Images

This is a very pretty updo, with just the right balance between the hair that is pinned back neatly and the strands that are loose and wavy, framing the face and adding some messy chic to the elegant style. A centre parting and some teased volume make the top of the head soft and relaxed, while the lighter golden highlights that streak through Nikki Reed’s dark brown hair add texture and a little sun kissed summery feel to the look. This is a really successful updo for those with an oval face or for shorter facial shapes.

3. Nikki Reed Medium Hairstyles

Nikki Reed Medium Hairstyles
Nikki Reed Medium Hairstyles /Getty Images

The glossy shine on Nikki Reed’s hair is totally stunning, and it really draws the eye to how her colour graduates from a cool dark brown to a warmer more golden shade of brown at the ends. That warmer brown is the same shade as her eyes, making them really pop. The length is good for a longer face, while the wavy lengths help to disguise an angular jawline. The whole look is soft and feminine with so much shine and vitality.

4. Nikki Reed Long Straight Hairstyles

Nikki Reed Long Straight Hairstyles
Nikki Reed Long Straight Hairstyles /Getty Images

This long straight hairstyle is a staple style for those with long thick hair – a neat centre parting and lengths which are straight with a slight waves at the very ends. Nikki Reed gives her long straight style some interest with an interesting palette of colours. From a chocolate brown at the roots through a variety of warmer browns and golden shades with hints of warm auburn tones, the colour creates the style here.

5. Nikki Reed Hairstyles

Nikki Reed Hairstyles
Nikki Reed Hairstyles /Getty Images

This is a very feminine look that really flatters any face shape by drawing the attention to the eyes. Our focus is drawn to the eye line by the gentle side sweep that dissolves into a cascade of beautifully defined curls. The curls are loose and wavy but so well formed and styled. One of the most successful aspects of this style is the way the golden brown highlights streak through the rich warm brown base colour to give a really pretty but strong look that nicely tones with Nikki Reed’s complexion very well.

6. Nikki Reed Curly Hairstyles

Nikki Reed Curly Hairstyles
Nikki Reed Curly Hairstyles /Getty Images

While the tousled look is a big trend, Nikki Reed manages to look a little bedraggled here. The loose curls are very defined, and the ruffled up look makes the more defined curls look like they have too much product used on them. The side parting is flattering and the volume helps to widen a long face which works well for Nikki. The colour is great, with a dark brown really lifted and given light and warmth by those warmer auburn tones at the front of the hair.

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