Malin Akerman Hairstyles

Malin Akerman Bob

1. Malin Akerman Updo: Updos with Bangs

Malin Akerman Updo
Malin Akerman Updo /Getty Images

If you want a glamorous updo without the fuss of smoothing each and every hair into place, or you want a modern and more edgy take on the classic updo for a big event, then look no further than actress Malin Akerman’s stunning updo. Combined with a sharp, tailored outfit, dark smokey eyes and a fab ‘grown out’ blonde shade that lifts the look and flatters the complexion, this look is a big success for Malin. The hair is pinned up at the back with loads of loose waves and curls. Plenty of loose, teased strands make this a cool, edgy look with lots of sex appeal.

2. Malin Akerman Medium: Blonde Curls

Malin Akerman Medium
Malin Akerman Medium /Getty Images

This is a really great look for Malin Akerman; she really suits a hairstyle that adds some width to the face. The volume in this style and the hair that flows over the side of the face are very flattering as they help to minimise her large forehead. The hair is styled in small sections – lots of fine waves have been tousled and teased to create a messy chic look that really works. Layers of hair along the sides of the face create even more shape to this pretty style. Malin Akerman’s trademark blonde looks great here with a range of warm and cool golden shades that combine to create a multi-tonal style.

3. Malin Akerman Long Hairstyles

Malin Akerman Long Hairstyles
Malin Akerman Long Hairstyles /Getty Images

A simple but elegant style for Malin Akerman. Here, the actress, model and singer wears her long golden blonde hair over one shoulder in soft waves. The hair is coloured in a range of blonde tones – the effect is subtle but there are ash shades and warmer golden and straw tones throughout the long thick hair. A side sweep, created by a parting set quite far to one side of the head, falls over part of the forehead and the side of the face, which helps to minimise a high forehead and draw the eye up the cheekbone rather than down to a square jawline. The effect is very flattering and on-trend with a slightly retro inspired feel.

4. Malin Akerman Hairstyles: Big Waves

Malin Akerman Hairstyles
Malin Akerman Hairstyles /Getty Images

This is a really cute style, and the shape is fab for Malin Akerman. Here, the actress wears her blonde hair with various shades of pale straw and golden tones, darker at the roots and with great shine. The hair is worn slightly messy for a soft feel and a modern look. The style is beautifully shaped, with a broad side sweep flowing over the side of the face from the strong side parting. The lengths are shaped with beautiful soft waves that sit just below shoulder length. Overall, it’s a great look for Malin.

5. Malin Akerman Bob: Chic Blonde Short Haircut

Malin Akerman Bob
Malin Akerman Bob

The multi-talented Malin Akerman wears her shoulder length hair cut into a stylish bob which is styled with a side parting and lots of fine layers which have been feathered in towards the face to create a shapely look. The hair is a platinum blonde shade that clashes just a little with the skin tone but the hair is smooth and sleek, so it carries the unforgiving colour quite well. The length of the hair is a fantastic choice for Malin Akerman’s face shape, but the way the hair falls over the side of the face leaving the forehead completely bare emphasises a long forehead slightly.

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