Kate Hudson Hairstyles

Kate Hudson Long Straight Hairstyles

1. Loose Bun

Loose Bun
Loose Bun /Getty Images

A loose bun is a fantastic updo that makes the most of long hair like Kate Hudson’s blonde locks. Her hair is piled high on the top of her head and swirled into a loose bun. Loose strands make the look more casual and create a messy look that is casual and yet elegant. The colour is a combination of dark blondes and lighter straw blonde shades so that the hair loser to the roots is made up of darker tones while the hair that forms the shape of the bun is lighter. The contrast in colour really makes the style stand out.

2. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson /Getty Images

This is a very feminine, almost ethereal style for Kate Hudson; her long blonde hair is styled in beautiful loose waves and left to fall naturally in a tousled flow of soft glossy hair.The front section of the hair is pulled back from the face and secured at the back of the head, so the forehead is bare, helping to create balance in the face and setting the scene for a stunning diamond hair accessory, placed in the centre of the head. This is a contemporary, more classy version of the tired tiara, and adds some glamor and bling to the style.

3. Kate Hudson Pinned Up Ringlets

Kate Hudson Pinned Up Ringlets
Kate Hudson Pinned Up Ringlets /Getty Images

If you are going to wear your hair in a style where all the action is at the back of the head, then you could take Kate Hudson’s lead and draw all eyes to your back with a backless gown and a stunning piece of jewellery worn low on the back. It helps if you look as stunning as Kate though! This hairstyle is a beautiful updo that relies on the hair being pulled back loosely in soft waves and secured at the back of the head in ringlets. The hair is loose and tousled, for a messy chic look that is elegant and contemporary.

4. Kate Hudson Long Straight Hairstyles

Kate Hudson Long Straight Hairstyles
Kate Hudson Long Straight Hairstyles /Getty Images

Kate Hudson glows with this beautiful blonde shade that works perfectly with her slightly tanned skin tone and pale lemon outfit. Her long straight hair is styled in an angled side parting that creates a swathe of hair that has been given a gently curved shape that frames the side of the face perfectly drawing the eye to her perfectly oval face shape and fantastic bone structure. The colour is a bright, pretty blonde with lots of highlights to create a multi-tonal look that really works for Kate.

5. Kate Hudson Hairstyles

Kate Hudson Hairstyles
Kate Hudson Hairstyles /Getty Images

Kate Hudson goes for a classic look here, with a gorgeous style that suits her face shape perfectly thanks to the way the side parting creates that sumptuous side sweep that frames one side of the face perfectly. The hair falls softly over her left shoulder in soft tousled curls while the right side of the face is bare, drawing our eyes to her fantastic cheekbones. The colour is a classic shade of golden blonde with darker blonde underneath. This style has a real touch of retro glamour – the side sweep and the curls, with those big pendant earrings and a classic gown.

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