Is It Bad to Sleep In Your Makeup?

It’s late. You’ve had a long day of running around. By the time you get home, you want nothing more than to crawl into bed and get some much deserved shuteye…but what about your makeup? One of the most common beauty no-no’s is falling asleep with your (perfectly applied) makeup intact.

We’ve all done it at one time or another. Maybe it happens once in a while, or you’re guilty of it more often than not. Here is the reality: sleeping with a full face of makeup on can affect you in a number of ways. It’s time to find out the most common effects of this beauty no-no – and how you can speed up your pre-bedtime routine.

Falling Asleep In Makeup Can Cause: Breakouts

The most common result of sleeping in your makeup has to be breakouts. When you hit the hay in a full face of makeup (think theBalm’s timeBalm Concealer, your foundation, powder, and so on)…. it can clog up your pores. That leads to pimples, blackheads, redness, and dull looking skin. How does it happen? When you apply face makeup first thing in the morning, your skin looks picture perfect. If you forget to take those products off before bed though, they prevent your skin from renewing itself during sleep. That leads to those irritating skin problems.

Unfortunately, sleeping with makeup on often kick-starts a vicious cycle. Say you fell asleep with your makeup on. Now your skin is breaking out. To hide the blemishes, you layer on more makeup than usual…. and then you head to bed once more without fully removing your makeup. The best solution? Break the cycle now.

Falling Asleep In Your Makeup Can Cause: Eye Irritation

Sleep In Your Makeup

Okay, so falling asleep with face makeup on is a major no-no…. but what about eye makeup? Is that the lesser of two evils? The answer is yes. While it won’t cause acne or premature aging, it will cause eye irritation. Everything from your mascara to your eyeliner can wind up in your eyes. (Not to mention all over your pillowcase. Talk about a nightmare to remove!) When that happens, it can cause eye irritation. You may find your eyes are dry, itchy, or uncomfortable when you wake up.

If that wasn’t enough, the health of your eyelids may also be at risk. Drifting off with your eye shadow intact could potentially clog the tiny pores on your eyelids. The result? Over time, very small bumps may start forming on your eyelids. Those bumps may go away with time, but depending on the severity, you may need to plan a trip to the doctor.

Falling Asleep In Makeup Can Cause: Premature Aging and Wrinkles

No one wants to look older than they actually are. Unfortunately, when you don’t take proper care of your skin this can happen. Falling asleep in your makeup can actually lead to premature aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. This is true for women of all ages. Why does it happen? Makeup holds onto free radicals. Those free radicals break down collagen in the skin, which leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Your skin needs time to recover from the day. Just think about it: you expose it to so many things – and that can take a toll on your skin. It is essential that you give your skin time to recover each night. That will keep it looking its best day after day. A tip? To combat premature aging, don’t just remove your makeup at night. Apply an anti-aging moisturizer, like the Timeless by Pevionia Collagen Moisturizer.

Speeding Up Your Pre-Bedtime Beauty Routine

There are many serious consequences of falling asleep in your makeup. If it happens once and a while – breathe easy. You can probably avoid them. However, if skipping makeup removal has become a regular thing, the health of your skin and eyes are on the line. Taking off your makeup is essential, so now is the time to speed up that bedtime routine!

Absolutely exhausted? Don’t drop your head on the pillow and ignore your nightly routine altogether. Just simplify it! Keep makeup removing wipes on your night stand for quick and easy removal. Or use something like the Balm Balm’s Away Eye Makeup Remover. Once you have removed your makeup, avoid slathering on every skincare product known to man. Apply a thick moisturizer and anti aging product and get some rest! With a few simple steps to healthy skin, your nightly routine will feel manageable…even on those late nights.

When is the last time you fell asleep with your makeup on? Make that the last time! Leave this beauty no-no in the past once and for all. For skin that looks healthy and beautiful, start by streamlining your nightly routine. Once you do, beautiful skin will be yours…. day and night.

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