12 Beauty Secrets You Need to Know About

Who doesn’t love a good shortcut? Add some great glamour tricks into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for an easy-peasy beauty routine.

From microwaving your body lotion for an at-home spa experience, to perfecting a polka dot mani with a Band-aid (?!), these beauty hacks are far from just any beauty tip!

1. Look instantly perkier with eye drops

Just woke up from a late night? Red eyes from crying? Running late and need to look bright-eyed? Two word solution: EYE DROPS!

2. Use conditioner as a shaving cream

Want your silkiest stems, yet? Using a conditioner as shaving cream results in touchably smooth legs.

3. Microwave your body lotion

Want a perk of a spa visit but don’t have the cash? Post-shower, pop your body lotion in the microwave for about 10 seconds, making sure to blend well to get an even temperature. Then indulge in your new (and warm) at-home spa secret!

4. Apply numbing cream, pre-wax

Need a wax but shuddering at the thought of the pain? Massage the area with a tooth-numbing cream a half hour before your wax session for a near-painless experience.

5. Brush your teeth with baking soda

Baking soda has major whitening capabilities when it comes to your pearly-whites. Another bonus? It will also help fight bad breath!

6. Use a band-aid or bobby pin for perfect polka dot nails

Want to add some polka dots to that fresh coat of polish? No problem! Once the polish has completely dried, grab a band-aid that has holes on the adhesive ends. Place over your nails and brush nail polish over the bandage. If you don’t have a bandage on hand, dip the round prong of your bobby pin in polish and dab onto nails. WA-LA! Now you can polka dot like a pro!

7. Give yourself an ice cube facial

Massaging an ice cube over your face every night before bed freezes fat cells, wrinkles, AND acne in their tracks. Now that’s what we call a miracle facial!

8. Use lemon juice to whiten fingernail tips

The citric acid in lemons aids in whitening and shine.

9. Use glue as a base coat for glittered nail polish

Removing glitter polish from nails can be one of the biggest hassles you face in your beauty routine, but not anymore! Simply apply a coat of Elmer’s on your nails pre-polish. Once it comes time to remove, it will peel right off!

10. Sleep on a silk pillowcase to reduce wrinkles

Also a major benefit for hair, silk pillowcases are great for your skin, too. Sleeping on one will reduce sleep lines as well as wrinkles.

11. Hide unshaven legs with tights

Skirt/dress day at work and running late? If you had to skip a shave, or if you’re wanting coverage for annoying spider veins, pair your outfit with dark pantyhose or opaque tights for ultimate coverage. Bonus: You’ll still look stylish.

12. Make your perfume last by knowing key application points

Most women who wear perfume do not properly apply it. If you have a great perfume, get the most out of it by making the smell last longer. Instead of spritzing your neck and wrists, apply drops of perfumes at your “pulse points”: the wrists, base of the neck, behind your ear lobes, your cleavage, behind your knees, and your inner elbows.

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