20 Easy Short Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

Are you a woman who has a round face? If that’s the case, you probably grew up with people telling you how cute your “pie face” was as they pinched your cheeks. But now that you’re a grown woman, although you like the youthfulness of your face’s shape, you definitely are looking for a hairstyle that’s a bit more sophisticated.

In walks the pixie cut

We get that, at first, you might wonder if it truly is the best look for you. Our answer is a resounding “yes!” Hopefully you’ll see why in just a few minutes.

Slightly inverted pixie

short sleek pixie hairstyle for fine thin hair

Short haircut for 2016: the chic brunette pixie cut! Being that this model has one side of her hair tucked behind her ears, at first glance, you might not even notice that she has an inverted haircut. But do you notice how on the left picture, her hair appears to be coming into a “V”? This is a really attractive cut if you don’t want to do anything too dramatic but you do want to avoid having a bland looking pixie cut.

“Bowl cut” pixie

Cute short sleek pixie cut for women

If you ever wondered what an updated version of a bowl cut looked like, this would be it. Don’t you love it? It’s truly clean, classic and feminine in every way.

“Shag” pixie

short pixie cut with long bangs for round faces

The reason why we call this one a “shag” pixie is because it looks like hair that is transitioning from a classic pixie to maybe a shorter bob. What we like about it is it still looks good enough to avoid the awkward growing out phase.

Short pixie

very short haircut for women over 40 pixie cut

Do you basically want a get-up-and-go kind of hairstyle? How about a pixie that is a bit on the shorter side? You can literally wash your hair in the shower and it will be close to dry by the time you finish breakfast. And the awesome thing is that you’ll still look amazing!

Silver pixie

very short haircut for women -pixie cut

This a version of the cut that you just saw. We like it because it’s silver which makes it look super edgy. Plus, her make-up complements it oh so well. (Yep, if you’re going to have lighter hair, it’s always a good idea to go with a darker lip.)

Long layered shag pixie

simple layered long pixie cut with bangs

This particular pixie has length and layers that are so long that it’s almost not a pixie at all. To us, this looks a lot like the other shag pixie that you’ve seen—only with a couple of months of growth to it. (The color is really nice too.)

Chunks of blonde color pixie

longer pixie cut for women over 50

If you happen to have a pixie with plenty of length throughout the top and front of your hair, add some color to it in order to give it a bit of “pop”! Our recommendation is to try some variation of blonde or light brown.

Platinum “choppy” pixie

Cute Long Pixie Haircuts with Layers

Chances are, this was cut with a razor. That’s how she was able to achieve such a choppy effect. And the platinum color? That simply completes the bold look. Our suggestion would be to get this cut if you happen to have naturally thick hair. The layers will be easier to notice, plus you won’t need a ton of product in order to maintain it if you do.

Pixie with longer bangs

Celebrity short blonde pixie cut for fine hair

Here’s a layered pixie cut that has quite a bit of versatility to it. That’s because the sides and bangs are on the longer side. That way you can wear it curly or straight, pull it back with a headband or with barrettes…the possibilities are endless!

Copper pixie

Redhead - chic layered short pixie cut for winter

Being that copper hair color is so big right now, that’s why we had to show this style off. The color is awesome. Plus the super short back puts a modern twist to a classic pixie cut.

“Long Mohawk” pixie

side view of pixie cut

If you’re someone who would describe yourself as being “grunge chic”, then this is the cut that’s perfect for you. Although it looks like a “regular pixie” at first glance, if you look a bit harder, you’ll notice that the sides are low enough that it could easily pass off as a Mohawk—if you wanted to brush your hair back.

Rose gold (and blonde) pixie

Short Pixie Cut for fine thin hair

Sometimes color can bring out the most to a haircut. This rose gold with blonde hair lights pixie is a great example of that!

Long layers pixie

cute layered pixie cut

If your hair is a bit on the thinner side, something that you can do to add a bit of thickness and movement is to get your pixie cut into long layers. If you then highlight (or low light) it, you’ll have some added dimension.

Limited layers pixie

Cute simple easy daily pixie cut with layers

Fashionable layered pixie cut for summer: Although we happen to be big fans of layers, if you’re not, here’s how you can wear a pixie without many layers at all.

Dark brown pixie

Short Pixie Cut For Round Face

Do you already have light-colored hair and you’re actually thinking about taking things to a darker level? Basically, this is what your hair will look like if you do.

Pageboy pixie

easy daily short haircut - pixie cut for busy women

Out of all of the cuts that we’ve shown you, this is probably the most unisex one. If you have a boyish side to your personality, this hairstyle is a happy medium between being feminine and still a bit masculine.

“Messy” pixie

short messy pixie cut for round faces

Bed heads. There used to be a time when a woman wouldn’t be caught dead with her hair looking super messy. Now? The messier the better! So don’t always think that your hair has to be all one length. Clearly, based on this picture, you can have “uneven layers” and end up with show-stopping results.

“Sun kissed” pixie

Side View of short pixie cut for fine hair

One thing that’s nice about this pixie is the tapering in the back. The other thing is killer color technique. Looks like it’s been kissed by the sun, right?

“Bob” pixie

Michelle Williams Short Hair with Headband for Round Faces

From the front, this looks like a bob while from the back, it’s definitely a pixie. Yep, two cuts in one. That’s why we call it “the bob pixie”.

Super straight pixie

Emma Watson Short Pixie Haircut with Bangs

The best way to pull this particular pixie off is to start off with bone straight hair. Otherwise, you won’t be able to appreciate all of the “random” layers throughout it.

Pixie with shaved sides and a hint of color

short pixie haircut for fine thin hair

The shaved sides make this pixie pretty easy to style each day. And did you peep the sea foam green highlights? (How cute is that?!?)

Do you love these pixie cuts? If you don’t love these cuts, how about these popular bob hairstyles?

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