15 Easy Daily Hairstyles for Women

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably so busy and distracted that it seems almost impossible to think of new and interesting, but easy, hairstyles to wear daily.  You’re probably bored with the small range of hairstyles that you usually do, and might even be in a bit of a rut (or more than a bit of a rut)!  This is probably even more likely the case if you have long hair, or hair that is in need of a trim or shaping.  If that is the case, what should you do in the meantime, before you get to the stylist?  If you already have a fresh haircut that you like, what can you do to give it more variety?  Luckily, below we have listed 15 different easy daily hairstyle ideas.  From soft ponytails and side braids, to pin straight and wavy, you will never run out of hairstyle ideas!  And these styles are flattering on pretty much everyone!

Soft side ponytail/via pinterest.com/pin/501658845969044590/

This is a soft and pretty style that is easy to do and easy to wear!

Side ponytail
Side ponytail/via

 A romantic side braid/via     pinterest.com/pin/216102482095873807/

Wear this romantic, pretty side braid.

A romantic side braid
A romantic side braid/via

High half ponytail/via pinterest.com/pin/289426713529864292/

This high half ponytail is very cute and fresh!

High half ponytail
High half ponytail/via

Remember the ribbon/via pinterest.com/pin/242842604880593309/

Wear a half ponytail with a ribbon!

Remember the ribbon
Remember the ribbon/via

Messy bun with cute headband/via pinterest.com/pin/184577284704217494

This adorable and fun hairstyle is easy to do and looks great!

Messy bun with cute headband
Messy bun with cute headband/via 

Wavy, voluminous hair with cloth headband/via pinterest.com/pin/165718461263192452

This gorgeous hairstyle is fun and flattering.

Wavy, voluminous hair with cloth headband
Wavy, voluminous hair with cloth headband/via

Channel your inner 60s beauty/via pinterest.com/pin/188306828143014214

Look effortlessly pretty with this sweet 60s hairstyle.

Channel your inner 60s beauty
Channel your inner 60s beauty/via

 Pin straight/via pinterest.com/pin/30469734954910759

Use a flat iron and shine spray to achieve this chic style.

Pin straight
Pin straight/via

Get glamorous with a deep side part/via pinterest.com/pin/266486502926945956

A deep side part will help bring greater sophistication to your look.

Get glamorous with a deep side part
Get glamorous with a deep side part/via

Middle part/via pinterest.com/pin/309481805613132624

A middle part is a classic look, and is beautiful in its simplicity.

Middle part
Middle part/via

 Go retro/via pinterest.com/pin/358317714075402033

Go retro with a deep part and smooth waves!

Go retro
Go retro/via

 Top twist/via pinterest.com/pin/405112928950629315

 Look adorable with this easy hairstyle!

Top twist
Top twist/via

Sleekly pulled back into large barrette/via pinterest.com/pin/66920744436585799

This is a style so easy to do it is pretty much impossible to get wrong!

Sleekly pulled back into a large barrette
Sleekly pulled back into a large barrette/via

1920s inspired side barrettes/via pinterest.com/pin/140385713354467907

This elegant and dainty 1920s hairstyle will make you feel pretty!

1920s inspired side barrettes
1920s inspired side barrettes/via

A new approach to waves/via pinterest.com/pin/396176098444800267

Try this great idea for creating soft, natural waves.

wave technique
A new approach to waves/via

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