15 DIY Clothing Tutorials – Fashionable DIY Clothes You Should Not Miss

If you fancy yourself as a fashionista or want to avoid wearing the same clothes as everyone seems to be wearing –you know those same capsule styles that you see in every mall you go to – then get creative with some quick and easy home-made fashion pieces.

Making your own unique items is nowhere near as difficult as you might think. If you have ever looked at a t-shirt and wished the neckline was a little different or thought about a new ways to wear denim, then our gallery is here to help. We know you’re busy, so these ideas are super-fast and beginner friendly. If you only have 10 minutes to get crafty today, then you can still come up with something funky and new using one of these ideas. If you have all day to play around with creating a new look, then try them all! No matter how inexperienced you are, don’t be frightened of new techniques. We all have to start somewhere and these ideas are ideal for getting started.

Not only will you have fun making these key cat-walk inspired pieces, but you will also save yourself a lot of money. You can use things you find around the home, items from local thrift stores and purse-friendly crafty bits and bobs in arts and craft stores. Whatever you do, do it with passion! Don’t feel like you have to copy these designs exactly – the whole point is to have fun and be creative to create clothes that are 100% you. Stand out from the crowd in an eye-catching design or opt for classic chic for a classy look that doesn’t cost the earth. Whatever your style, the best way to get it right is to do it yourself.

Have a browse through the gallery below, it is packed full of inspiration to get you started. For more ideas and fun projects that take a little loner, browse the rest of our fashion pages.

DIY Clothing Tutorials: Leopard Print Shorts

DIY clothes ideas: Cute pants

DIY urban outfitters: DIY Leather Patches

diy fashion clothes – DIY Floral Blouse

Clothing Tutorials DIY floral blouse

image via fashion.onblog.at

DIY fashion – Easy to Make: Fabulous Denim Jacket

Clothing Tutorials DIY jacket

image via fashion.onblog.at

DIY projects clothes – Colorful Jeans

DIY Fancy Jeans

Clothing Tutorials DIY jeans

image via fashion.onblog.at

DIY projects clothes – Cute T-Shirt

Clothing Tutorials DIY navy shirt

image via fashion.onblog.at

Gorgeous Dress


Beautiful Shirt

DIY Jeans with Zippers

Glamorous Tights

Fabulous Pearl Collar

Clothing Tutorials DIY necklaces

image via www.lovemaegan.com

Shirt with Stripes

Lovely T-shirt

DIY Heart Blouse

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