20 Cute Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

If your hair is a bit on the thinner side, then you might have days when you’re frustrated when it comes to styling it. When hair doesn’t have a ton of volume, that can make it hard to hold curls. Plus, when you put any product in it, that can make it appear greasier than you want it to be.

There are certain cuts that you can try that will work wonderfully with your natural texture, though. One of them is a bob. If you’ve never tried one before or you have and you’re simply looking for a bit of a different look, here are some that are specifically for thin hair.


Sexy messy raz0r-cut bob for thin hair

Choppy bob hairstyle for fine hair: Doesn’t she kind of look like she rolled out of bed? But man, doesn’t she also look super sexy at the same time? This is another way to make the messy look work for you! Just make sure your stylist razor cuts your ends. That will help to give your thin hair a bit more movement.

A-line bob for thin hair

A-line bobs work really well with thin hair because they “come in at an angle”. Your hair can be shorter in the back which means you won’t have to spend a lot of time styling it. But since there is more length in the front, you can added a couple of curls, braids or just leave it straight. (Like this!)

Lob with tapered back and long layers for thin hair

If you look really closely to this, her lob is slightly tapered in the back but then there are longer layers going over it. It’s a way to wear the “messy look” if you don’t have any waves or curls to your natural hair pattern.

Super sexy lob for thin hair (with side part)

This girl right here is sexy and she definitely knows it! And why wouldn’t she with a bob hairstyle like this one? Frankly, what we like the most about it is the color. That deep and rich cocoa brown is mysterious, sexy and really alluring.

Classic bob with middle part and lighter ends for thin hair

All in all, this is a pretty classic bob. What adds a bit of youth to it is the fact that the ends are lighter than the best. Basically, it’s an ombre look. Add to it the middle part and you’re good to go!

Long ombre lob for thin hair

Speaking of the ombre look, out of all of the ones that we’ve seen out in cyberspace, this has got to be one of the freshest and healthiest ones—hands down! If you want a super stylish kind of lob and color, take this picture to your very next stylist appointment. You’ll be the envy of all of your friends, for sure!

Tapered brunette bob for thin hair

Short Asian bob haircut with bangs: Here’s a bit of a shorter bob look. Not only is the back slightly tapered but so are the sides. Tip: If you want the growing out process to be a bit less…dramatic, keep the long layers throughout. That way, it will grow evenly. (The dark chocolate color is exquisite!)

Blonde bob with rounded ends for thin hair

Have you ever wondered how people with bobs are able to get that smooth rounded look at the bottom? If your hair is thin and super straight, it’s really easy to do. Just take a big barrel curling iron and gentle “bump” your hair all around and…voila!

Shorter bob with longer bangs for thin hair

This is super duper cute! It really, really is. Out of all of the bobs we’ve shown you, this one is a bit on the shorter side. Add to it the longer bangs (that are lighter than the rest of her hair) and this is the kind of look that will look really great during the warmer months.

Layered graduated bob for thin hair

This bob has so many layers to it, in so many different lengths, it’s hard to tell where one starts and another ends. That’s what’s so hot about it. Tapered in the back. Multi-layers on the sides. Longer ones in the front. It’s another messy look that you’ll love to wear.

Blunt platinum bob with choppy layers in the back for thin hair

Classic short blonde bob cut for women - back view
Credit /tumblr

No doubt about it. This is one of our favorite looks of all! The platinum color is nice but what really makes it stand out is the “choppiness” in the back. If you don’t want a lot of layers in your bob, no problem. All of your hair can be all one length; just make sure there are a few where your neckline is.

Chin-length bob with side part for thin hair

Blonde bob haircut for women
Credit /pinterest

Here’s a simple and classic kind of bob. Have your stylist cut yours to where it is right beneath your chin and then complete the look with a side part. Side parts are a big trend right now and that way, you can avoid getting bangs if you’d prefer hair that is all one length.

Messy wavy bob for thin hair

If your hair has natural waves and you like ’em, we think that’s awesome! So why mess up the good thing that you’ve already got going? With a bob like this one, you can let your hair air dry (also a big trend this season). Your bob will look messy in the best kid of way. Plus, it will be healthier being that you won’t be adding much heat to it. This bob haircut is also great for round faces.

Full graduated bob with long layers for thin hair

Daily mob hairstyle for women: If you used to have blunt bangs and you’re ready to grow them out, here’s a transitional look that could work really well for you. As you can see, the back is slightly tapered. And the front? Well, the longer layers can make growing out your bangs a really pretty and effortless look.

Platinum wavy bob for thin hair

Here’s another look if you have naturally wavy hair. Only this time, there’s a really bold cooler added to it. If it’s true that blondes have more fun, you’ll be someone who is having a blast if you decide to take a bold step and go with a color like platinum!

Loose waves bob with middle part for thin hair

Layered messy blunt bob hairstyle for girls 2016: Doesn’t she look absolutely adorable? Yeah, we agree! Her waves are barely there, but that oddly is what adds a bit of thickness to her overall look. Not only that, but the middle part makes it look modern and sleek. Perfect for work.

Wavy A-line lob with side braid for thin hair

This is simply another styling idea to consider. Whether your hair is curly or straight, a bob or lob, if you don’t have any bangs or you’re currently in the process of growing them out, you can make them look super chic by pulling them back into a side braid.

Graduated bob with a darker tapered back for thin hair

We’re pretty sure that this cut makes her hair appear a lot thicker to you than it actually is. What provides this “illusion” is the fact that her tapered neckline is darker than all of the rest of her hair which makes it appear as if she has lots of layers.

Sleek A-line bob with streaks of color for thin hair

The cut is awesome because it’s a bob in the back that’s basically a lob in the front. But what we really want to draw your attention to is the pieces of light brown coloring that’s peeping out from each side. Sometimes it’s the subtle details that can take a hairstyle to the next level!

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