6 Ways You’re Ruining Your Skin This Winter

Cold, blowing wind. Ice. Snow. Winter has made its grand entrance, meaning your skin is getting a battering. You might think a little lotion here and there is all you need to zap skin’s problems this season, but chances are there’s plenty more you need to do to find the winter skincare routine you need.

1) Ditching the SPF:

Sunscreen is a given for beach-side frolics, but when the sweaters and boots come out it’s easy to forget about this skincare must. Invest in a solid sunscreen year-round–like Sorme Daily Defense Cream–and continue to wear it on your face and any other exposed skin.

2) Not changing cleansers.

Skin has different needs for different seasons. In the summer, you might tend to reach for more aggressive cleansers and exfoliants to tackle greasy skin or extra grime during particularly hot periods. But those same products won’t cut it in winter, when your skin is much more likely to need gentle cleansing and moisture. Look for something that’s both gentle and hydrating such as Sorme Nourishing Daily Cleanser, which is perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

3) Skipping pedicures.

Sandal season may be synonymous with pedicure season, but hiding your feet in boots for months and forgetting about them isn’t the best plan. Maintaining regular pedicures during the winter keeps callouses and rough patches at bay, making it easier to slip on those sandals when spring arrives.

4) Applying moisture at the wrong time.

When you use your lotion can make a difference. Right after the shower is often the best time to lock in moisture, so slather it on before getting dressed, when skin is still just a little damp from the water.

5) Decreasing water intake.

Chugging water in the summertime is easy, but skipping water won’t do you any favors in the winter. Keep a water bottle at your side, and avoid loading up on too many hot, caffeinated beverages, which can dehydrate you even more. If you have a hard time drinking plain water, add a bit of lemon or fresh fruit to make it more of a treat.

6) Not reading skin’s needs.

If you’re continuously using a product, but still see dry flaky skin, chances are it’s not the right one. If it’s left over from summer, it may be too harsh. Or, it may not have the right moisturizing properties. If you pay attention, your skin will tell you exactly what it needs.

Once you’ve tackled your winter skincare routine, don’t forget to show your hair some TLC, as well. Check out these tips for battling winter hair woes.

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