20 Ombre Makeup Tutorials

Vacation to the Tropics

We are all going crazy over the latest ombre fads, because, let’s face it, ombre is everywhere. It is the “in” style. From gorgeous ombre hairstyles to striking outfits, accessories and makeup, it’s no wonder that we are all pinning to achieve this look. It’s both casually elegant and simply stunning, so why wouldn’t you? Most of us aren’t makeup artists, but that doesn’t mean that you can pull of some striking ombre looks. These tutorials break it down into a step by step process. The secret is out! Ombre eye makeup is┬ánot as hard as it looks. Take a look and give it a try.

1. Glittering Shades of Blue

Glittering Shades of Blue
Glittering Shades of Blue/via

This beautiful fade looks amazing on blue and brown eyes.

2. Sleek Silver

Sleek Silver
Sleek Silver/via

Classic and elegant, this shimmering look is a lot more subtle than it appears.

3. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink/via

Embrace your inner princess with this sweet and soft look.

4. Aquatic Attraction

Aquatic Attraction
Aquatic Attraction/via

Smokey turquoise eyes. They get me every time. This look is another example of how subtle ombre makeup can be.

5. Purple Perfection

Purple Perfection
Purple Perfection/via

For a more dramatic eye, try out this midnight purple look. Stunning? I think yes.

6. Seaside Sensual

Seaside Sensual
Seaside Sensual/via

With eye makeup this beautiful, people will think they are staring into the Caribbean Sea.

7. Acrobatic Awesomeness

Acrobatic Awesome
Acrobatic Awesome/via

For a more striking look, try this flamboyant array of colours on your lids!

8. Vacation to the Tropics

Vacation to the Tropics
Vacation to the Tropics/via

Like I said, I’m sucker for the aqua hues. This exotic look is stunning and playful.

9. Hot Pink Dash

Hot Pink Dash
Hot Pink Dash/via

Get daring with this hot pink accent!

10. Midnight Sky

Midnight Sky
Midnight Sky/via

You can practically see the stars in her eyes. This look is pure glamour.

11. Princess Sweep

Princess Sweep
Princess Sweep/via

Get creative with you eyeliner in this edgy princess sweep.

12. Teal Cat Eyes

Teal Cat Eyes
Teal Cat Eyes/via

The brooding eye makeup is bound to get you some sultry looks.

13. Deep Ocean Blue

Deep Ocean Blue
Deep Ocean Blue/via

This unique take on ombre eyes is definitely striking.

14. Vegas Lights

Vegas Lights
Vegas Lights/via

Wow your friends with this colours-of-the-rainbow look.

15. Pop of Colour

Pop of Colour
Pop of Colour/via

This look is incredible chic and playful. It looks incredible on any eye colour.

16. Gradient Winged

Gradient Winged
Gradient Winged/via

While we are on the topic of ombre eyeliner, give this more subtle look a go!

17. Pearly Pink

Pearly Pink
Pearly Pink/via

Dramatic, hot and sultry, this is the perfect look if you have someone to impress.

18. Exotic Ombre

Exotic Ombre
Exotic Ombre/via

This ancient Egypt inspired style is definitely a “must try.”

19. Naturally Gold

Naturally Gold
Naturally Gold/via

This trendy golden hue is stunning on any face.

20. Near Nude

Near Nude
Near Nude/via

Perhaps the most understated on this list, this golden look proves that ombre looks don’t have to be vibrant to be effective.

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