20 Delightful Wavy/Curly Bob Hairstyles for Women – Bob Hairstyles 2024

There are basically two ways to achieve the wavy hair look. The first is you can be born with ’em. Or, if your hair is straight and you want them to look really natural, you can put your hair in some relatively large plaits (while it’s wet) for a couple of hours (or overnight) and then take them out and either gently brush them with a vent brush or tousle them with your fingers.

But before doing any of this, first get a killer haircut.

short balayage bob hairstyle
short balayage bob hairstyle

Hmm…one of these maybe…???

Choppy dark brown angled bob

Messy bob hair ideas: When you first glance at this pic, although you definitely are able to notice the waviness, what you might miss is that it’s an A-line bob. Bobs that are cut at an angle are perfect for wavy hair textures if you want to have some fun with your hairstyle but you don’t want the haircut itself to appear to extreme.

25 Delightful Wavy/Curly Bob Hairstyles for Women

Choppy brown wavy A-line bob with blond highlights

Upon first glance, you might think that you’re seeing the same haircut as the one that we just showed you. In some ways, they are extremely similar. There is one thing that sets this one apart, though and that would be the very soft blonde highlights (that some may say are more like low lights) that are on pieces of her hair.

Buttery blonde wavy bob with side part and bangs

This season, the blondes who at least are getting the most attention are the ones who’s hair is colored “buttery blonde”. It’s not as stark as platinum, but is still pretty striking. And to contrast the sophistication of the color, bangs at some youth and fun to it. This blonde bob cut is perfect for oval faces.

25 Delightful Wavy/Curly Bob Hairstyles for Women

Ombre graduated lob (straight or wavy)

Ombre is a color technique that is going to be around for a very long time. From this picture,we’re pretty sure that you can guess why. One thing to take special note of when it comes to this model’s hair is the fact that when it’s straight, it looks like a lob but when it’s wavy, it’s more like a bob. That’s because waves can take off a couple of inches of your hair without you haven’t to add any shears to it.

Short angled light brown wavy bob with bangs

You’re not going to be able to pull this back into a ponytail (although you could probably make a half updo work). But it doesn’t really matter because the length of this bob combined with your waves makes it a charming look that doesn’t require very much work. Not at all.

Curly jet black bob

Wavy curly bob hairstyle for square faces. Yeah…we couldn’t pass this off for simply “wavy” if we tried. There are simply way too many big and beautiful curls that are mixed in with the waves to over look them! One thing about wearing curly hair in a darker color is that, surprisingly, you’re usually able to see a lot more definition in them. That’s why you can never really go wrong with dark brown or even jet black when it comes to a cut like this. This cut is perfect for black women.

25 Delightful Wavy/Curly Bob Hairstyles for Women

Wavy warm brown graduated bob with blonde chunks

Side view of soft wavy bob hairstyle: Her hair looks so healthy! That’s our first reason for showing off this picture. No matter how great of a cut or color you may get, it’s not going to make nearly as much of an impression as it should unless your hair is in great condition. This includes getting it deep conditioned and having a regular trim. That’s one of the best ways to make this kind of color treatment seem so…vibrant!

Really wavy caramel lob with blonde tips

There’s a choppiness here and so it was probably cut with a razor. The caramel color is perfect for her wavy texture and the blonde tips? It makes her hair look like it’s been kissed by the sun, which is the sign of a really good hairstylist who knows what they’re doing when it comes to applying hair color. This is a great shoulder length bob¬†hairstyle for thick hair, if you have thin hair, please try these cuts.

Wavy A-line lob for thick hair (complete with side-swept bangs)

These waves look a lot like curls, so we suspect that her stylist used a curling iron to add some definition to some of them. The side-swept bangs frame her face in a sweet kind of way making this inverted bob that is pretty youthful-looking; no matter how old you may actually be.

Very loose waves bob with a middle part

To us, her hair looks like she let it dry naturally. When you do this, you can sometimes achieve a slight wave pattern even if your hair is not naturally wavy all on its own. This produces a healthy and sexy kind of bob look. (That middle part is super appealing!)

Dark copper-colored wavy bob

Wavy bob hairstyle for 2016: Copper is a really attractive color; especially if you’re someone who happens to change your hair color with the seasons. It’s such a warm and inviting hue for the fall and winter seasons. You can even add a hint of blonde (like she did) as a way to pay homage to the warmer weather that you’ll be missing.

Dark brown wavy lob with light brown low lights and bangs

Cute bob hairstyle for Asian girls. Yeah. This is a really great wavy lob. The bangs make it close to adorable. But what we really encourage you to pay attention to are the low lights that are all throughout it. You don’t see ’em? Look a bit closer because they are right there. They might be a bit challenging to spot initially because they are brown. Plus, they are low lights rather than highlights.

Wavy A-line bob with middle part and two-braid “headband”

Cute bob hairstyle with braid. OK, so technically this is not a headband. But if you’re someone who really and truly loves the Bohemian look, it’s a natural way to hold some of your hair back…with your own hair. Just add two braids—one on each side of your hair—and then secure them with some bobby pins or barrettes. It’s a wonderful look for wavy A-line bobs like this one.

Wavy bob with straight side-swept bangs

So, what do you do if your hair is naturally wavy but you want to add some bangs to your look? Although you could get your bangs relaxed, that might be a bit frustrating for you when you’re ready to grow them back out. We recommend taking a flat iron and straightening them. Just make sure to put some heat protectant on them first to protect your hair from any potential damage.

Wavy bob with long layers

Some women hate getting layers cut into their head because they find the growing out process to be close to dreadful. Something to keep in mind about wavy (and curly) hair textures is you don’t have to worry quite as much about transitioning out of layers because they’re harder to detect than layers in hair that is straight. But if you’re still kind of leery, there is a compromise. You can go with some long layers like these. They’re just as beautiful and lower on the maintenance.

Super wavy bob with lots of layers and platinum streaks

Casual daily hairstyle ideas: There are so many waves in this bob that if you’re not careful, you just might get sea sick! And we meant that in the best way possible! This could almost pass for a bob, except there are so many layers in the back that it takes some of the potential length off in the back. So, at the most, it’s an A-line bob. (A delightful-looking one at that!)

Wavy blonde bob with natural roots and brow-grazing bangs

Celebrity bob hair ideas: As you can see, there are a few pieces of her hair that appear longer than all of the others. That’s by design to make this wavy bob have some uniqueness to it. The natural roots against her warm blonde hair color is on-trend and since bangs are back, we’re loving the ones that she has. Not too short and not too long. Just right!

Caramel “messy” wavy bob

This is a perfect picture to showcase the fact that you can have a messy hairstyle that works really well in corporate/formal settings. The key is to start with a great haircut and then add a color that will bring out the best in your skin tone (caramel tends to do that for many).

Short(er) and full wavy bob with big curls and side part

Although her hair might be naturally curly, our guess is that it’s been roller set with some really large rollers in order to provide such a stunning voluminous result. From the black hair color to the side part, she is breathtaking in this bob that looks shorter than it actually is due to all of the curls.

Dark brown wavy lob with “messy” middle part

These waves are almost curls. Good thing if you’re someone who has the kind of hair texture that’s actually pretty similar to this! That way, you can get a pretty good idea of how a lob would look on you (pretty beautiful, right?). Just make sure to add a few layers. That way, your hair will look more fancy-free and less long and heavy ringlets.

25 Delightful Wavy/Curly Bob Hairstyles for Women
25 Delightful Wavy/Curly Bob Hairstyles for Women

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