15 Lovely and Trendy Nail Designs


To make your overall look more fashionable, how can you miss the trendy nail designs. In this post, we have made a collection of 15 lovely nail designs. All of these 15 manicure ideas are fascinating for young women to try.  Stay here and check out what are popular for this season. Find the one you love and copy that wonderful idea. Enjoy.

Colorful Youth

Colorful Youth  via

The colorful spots splash in a seemingly careless way. Just like our youth, free and magnificent.

 Glitter Charm

Glitter Charm via

Just like this nail design, your life is a clean white paper, and you are the very painting artist for it. Collect those colorful moments and you can obtain a beautiful life.

 Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting via

How gorgeous it is to put the fine nature scenery onto your nails!

 Rich Life

Rich Life  via

Black and gold can make a timeless expensive look. The cute diamond, the lovely heart and the chic patterns co-operate so well to present a trendy nail design.

 Gold Nails

Gold Nails  via

Wow! The metallic gold nails look so rich. Can you rock them? Haw-haw…

 Fashionable Stiletto Nail Design

Fashionable Stiletto Nail Design  via

Women should never give up the red nails. The shimmer burgandy nails are super sexy while the bean red nails make this manicure more elegant.

 Rhythm of  Heartbeat

Rhythm of  Heartbeat via

I love you. Can you feel it? The chic heart beat rhythm can tell you everything.

 Mysterious Black Lace Nail Design

Mysterious Black Lace Nail Design  via

Black lace nails are full of mystery and temptation. Rather stylish for mature women to try.

 Innocent First Love

Innocent First Love  via

Baby pink and glitter white are as pure as the innocent first love. This is quite an ideal option for young girls.

 Nail Design for Passionate Love

Nail Design for Passionate Love  via

With three types of nail designs on your five fingers, your hand can look rather stylish and eye-catching.

 Lovely Love and Kiss Nail Design

Lovely Love and Kiss Nail Design  via

If you are good at painting, you may as well experiment with this chic nail design.

 Hot Red and Silvery Glitter Nail Design

Hot Red and Silvery Glitter Nail Design  via

The vivid red nails become even faddisher when the gold glitter nail polish is used here.

 Fashionable Manicure Idea

Fashionable Manicure Idea  via

Heart pattern, Dots and glitters what make this nail design more stylish.

 Chic Heart Nail Design


Chic Heart Nail Design via

When black meets the soft pink, your nails will look effortlessly adorable.

 Snow Flake Nails with Glitter Tips

Snow Flake Nails with Glitter Tips  via

This French nail design is quite dreamy and pretty. It’s nice for all seasons.


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