23 Fashionable Pedicure Designs to Beautify Your Toenails


With the arrival of summer, women start to put on their sandals and slippers. This is the right time for every fashionista to choose a pedicure design for her toenails. And that’s why we made this post today.

It’s OK whether you decide to choose a bright colored nail design or a pastel hued one, becacuse summer is indeed a bright season and you also will feel comfortable when faced with some light and fresh colors. Stay here and check out what we have prepared for you. Any of them will be effortless fashionable to show off your fashion attitude this summer. Scroll down and enjoy!

Chic Silvery Toenail Design

Chic Silvery Toenail Design /via

This silver toenail design is quite chic with the metallic effect. If you try these metallic nails, your every ordinary outfit will appear more stylish.

Beautiful Pedicure Nail Art

Beautiful Pedicure Nail Art /via

What a beautiful pedicure nail design! It seems that you are the pretty mermaid coming from the sea, just because of these shimmering toenails.

Diamon Toenail Design

Diamon Toenail Design /via

When you go to some important occaions, just try this white toenail design decorated with diamonds. It’s holy and pretty . Do you love it?

Bright Flower Toenail Design

Bright Flower Toenail Design /via

The bright and colorful flower toenail design is the best ornament for an impressive summer.

Fresh Green and White Pedicure Idea

Fresh Green and White Pedicure Idea /via

The grass green and white nail polishes look quite beautiful when used this way. It reminds us of the wonderful spring time and cheerful life.

Pink and White Flower Pedicure Nail Design

Pink and White Flower Pedicure Idea /via

The white flowers look quite fantastic on the pink base color. It’s quite a feminie and beautiful nail design for all elegant women.

Stunning Plum Flower Toenail Design

Stunning Plum Flower Toenail Design /via

The Chinese style plum flower pedicure idea will make your toenails as fascinating as a painting. It’s a pretty design to pair your lovely dresses in summer.

Beautiful Blue Floral Pedicure Design

Beautiful Blue Floral Pedicure Design /via Instagram / aico_1220

This blue floral pedicure nail design is so chic and it suits women over 25 better.

Black and White Floral Pedicure Nail Art

Pretty Floral Pedicure Nail Art /via

If you don’t want your black nail design apper too dark or rebellious, just paint some pretty white flowers on it. Then you can get a super chic nail design.

Lovey Bow Pedicure Nail Design

Lovey Bow Pedicure Nail Design /via

Black and white can be more than elegant! The bow pattern makes this toenail design a perfect choice for all the sophisticated women who pay attention to details.

Fascinating Dotted Pedicure Idea

Fascinating Dotted Pedicure Idea/via

With some dots against the white and blue base, this pedicure idea is just effortless chic.

Stylish Pedicure Nail Art

Stylish Pedicure Nail Art /via

This irregular-placed-dots nail design is moderate and lovely for both the office beauties and college girls.

Beautiful Polka Dot Pedicure Idea

Beautiful Polka Dot Pedicure Idea /via

Each of the five toenails has been painted with different colors, which make this polka dots pedicure more lively and lovely for yong women to try.

Faddish Toenail Design

Faddish Toenail Design /via

Sweet and sexy. This is what you can do just with pink, black and white nail colors. It’s a great option for women in love.

Fashionable Pedicure Nail Design

Fashionable Pedicure Nail Design /via

This pedicure nail design appears simple but actually it’s quite exquisite. It would be a wise option for mature women.

Elegant Pedicure Nail Art

Elegant Pedicure Nail Art/via

If your working environment is formal and serious, such a minimal and elegant pedicure nail design is suitable for you.

Fantasitc Toenail Art

Fantasitc Toenail Art /via

This toenail design is simple yet it is stylish enough for women who prefer a graceful fashion.

Simple Yet Stylish Pedicure Idea

Simple Yet Stylish Pedicure Idea /via

The glitter nails will shine in the sun.  Plus, this pretty blue glitters and white background just remind me of the sky and the sea. What do you think?

Blue Pedicure Nail Design

Blue Pedicure Nail Design /via

Use the pastel blue as a base and apply silvery sequins to lighten the whole design. Then, you can get an effortless chic toenail design for summer.

Heart Toenail Design

Heart Toenail Design /via

The heart shapes do an excellent job in turning the simple toenail designs more adorable and fashionable. Every chic girl can try this one.

Glitter Golden Toenail Design

Glitter Golden Toenail Design /via

To attend some evening parties, the giltter golden toenail design can’t be a better choice.

Mint Toenail Design

Mint Toenail Design /via

Mint and white colors can be nice choices to try in the scorching summer. This toenail design is not complicate, but it’s just so stylish.

Colorful Pedicure Nail Design

Colorful Pedicure Nail Design /via

Those sweeties always love the soft and colorful hues. And this lovely toenail art is ideal for them.


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