15 Fashionable French Tip Nail Designs


Women with pretty nails are always more sophisticated. Your nails can not only express your fashion attitude but also present your personality. This post is right about the most elegant and feminine nail designs: French Tip Nails.

Without too many fussy details and girlish ornaments, the French nails stand out just with the simple yet chic tip designs. You will be recognized as a graceful lady when you reach out your hands with any of these stunning nail designs. Just stay here and check them out. To be an exquisite woman, you should not miss them. Scroll down and enjoy!

Poisonous  Temptation

Poisonous Temptation via

Tempt others with your fatal nails. Quite sexy, aren’t they?

 Faddish Nail Design with Black Hearts and Tips

Faddish Nail Design with Black Hearts and Tips via

Stiletto nails make your fingers look slimmer and longer. This nail design is super chic with some mysterious vibes.

Stylish Stiletto Nail Design

Stylish Stiletto Nail Design  via

The irregular patterns are full of exotic attraction.

Metallic Tip Nail Idea

Metallic Tip Nail Idea  via

The metallic tips can make your nails look more expensive.

 Candy Colored Tip Nail Design

Candy Colored Tip Nail Design  via

Romantic French nails can also be lovely as you apply some candy colors to the tips. You don’t need more patterns so that your nails can look neat and chic.

 Chic Stiletto Nail with Black Tip

Chic Stiletto Nail with Black Tip  via

These stiletto nails look effortless chic with the black back space tips.

 Pretty French Nail Design

Pretty French Nail Design via

This manicure design tells us that fashion is simple but not ordinary.

 Glitter Purple Tip Nail Design

Glitter Purple Tip Nail Design  via

Purple is a noble color and the glitter purple nail polish can make your nails more stylish.

 Lovely Pink Tip Nail Design

Lovely Pink Tip Nail Design  via

Pretty pink tips just like a lovely flower buds which are getting ready to burst.

 Beautiful Peachy Nail with Pink Tip

Beautiful Peachy Nail with Pink Tip   via

The peachy nails looks modest yet rather beautiful and the pink lips add more softness to the nails.

 Noble Gold Nail with Purple Tip

Noble Gold Nail with Purple Tip  via

Everybody thinks this is a fabulous color blend. When gold meets purple, everything becomes better.

 Fashionable Stiletto Nail Design

Fashionable Stiletto Nail Design  via

Black and white are the best colors for women who don’t know what colors they should choose. Actually, they are really gorgeous for every one.

 Ocean Inspired Nail Design

Ocean Inspired Nail Design  via

Have this nail design reminded you of the vast sea? Quite a cool nail design for summer, isn’t it?

 Cute Comic Nail Design

Cute Comic Nail Design  via

I think this is really cute. Women will look so adorable with such lovely nails.

 Simple Yet Stylish Nail Design

Simple Yet Stylish Nail Design via

Sometimes, the simple design has the most powerful impact. Just like this one. Simple yet really stylish.

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