20 Easy Nail Art Ideas You Will Love

Over the past few years, nail art has become incredibly popular.  Different than the simpler looks of past eras, nail art gives you an overabundance of opportunities to express your creativity, style, and unique personality through the way you decorate your nails.  There are a vast number of nail decoration ideas out there, and many ones that have yet to be thought of.  Designs vary from super easy to so difficult it’s pretty much impossible for anyone but a professional to accomplish them.  If you’re a total novice in the world of nail art, it is best to not get too ambitious right away and to stick with simple designs.  It would also help to have a good selection of nail polish colors at your disposal, as well as some household items that are often used in simple nail art, like toothpicks and scotch tape.

Queen of hearts/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907576148724

This design has a striking look that will certainly get people’s attention!  Use one dark color and one light color.  While the conventional combination would probably be red and white, there are many other possibilities to choose from.

Queen of hearts
Queen of hearts/via

Polka dots/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907576142979

The polka dot manicure is easy to do, and is always a fun and pretty look!

Polka dots
Polka dots/via

Color-block design/via pinterest.com/pin/28583790756147855

This design ensures your nails will look fashionable and eye-catching.

Color-block design
Color-block design/via

Darker tips/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907576016304

A subtler version of color blocking, this design looks modern and fresh.

Darker tips
Darker tips/via

Pink iridescence/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907576029095

This layered look, with pale pink polish and a layer of multi-colored, silvery glitter, is feminine and fun.

Pink iridescence
Pink iridescence/via

Tiny triangles/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907575812445

This unique and trendy geometric design is fun and easy to do.

Tiny triangles
Tiny triangles/via

Bright stripes/via pinterest/com/pin/285837907574296878

This is certainly a trendy and unique look, and will certainly get attention!

Bright stripes
Bright stripes/via

A patterned variation on the French manicure/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907574016906

This fun design is a new and exciting twist on the traditional French manicure.

A patterned variation on the French manicure
A patterned variation on the French manicure/via

Stripes and dots of sunshine/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907572968480

This cheerful design is sure to brighten you day!

Stripes and dots of sunshine
Stripes and dots of sunshine/via

Sparkle and mint/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907572813399

This fresh and sparkly design is perfect for the spring and summer!

Sparkle and mint
Sparkle and mint/via

Newsworthy nails/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907572872871226

This is probably one of the most unique nail ideas you will ever see!  If you want to be asked about your nails by everyone, choose this manicure!

Newsworthy nails
Newsworthy nails/via

Animal print/via pinterest.com/285837907571610169

Animal print nails?  Yes, it’s true!  Give this manicure a try for a unique look.

Animal print nails
Animal print nails/via

Candy apple nails/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907569536661

Get gorgeous candy apple nails by layering metallic polish between two layers of candy apple red polish.

Candy apple nails
Candy apple nails/via

Abstract art nails/via pinterest/pin/285837907573133721

Show your artistic side with these “abstract art” nails!

Abstract art nails
Abstract art nails/via

Red and white/via pinterest/pin/285837907571899589

This incredibly cute manicure is both easy to do and pretty to look at!

Red and white nails
Red and white nails/via

Border of dots/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907571416784

This chic and unique manicure will be admired by all!

Border of dots
Border of dots/via

Shiny stripes/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907570700417

Upgrade your manicure with shiny metallic stripes!

Shiny stripes
Shiny stripes/via

Mustache manicure/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907569989025

Can a manicure get any cuter than this?  We don’t think so!

Mustache manicure
Mustache manicure/via

Watermelon manicure/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907570353168

What a perfect summer manicure!  Wear this to your next barbecue.

Watermelon manicure
Watermelon manicure/via

Negative space/via pinterest.com/pin/285837907576184204/

The negative space manicure is predicted to be one of the most popular nail looks of this year.

Negative space
Negative space/via


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