Overnight Beauty: Washing Your Face Before Bed

You know you’re supposed to wash your face before bed, but many of us are guilty of going to bed with makeup on. Laziness, sleepiness or just plain apathy keep us from doing this important bed time ritual.

As we go about our day we apply serums, moisturizers, sunscreen and makeup, and then accumulate dirt, oil, environmental pollutants, cellular debris, and bacteria on top. Not cleansing before bed can cause pores to become trapped with these debris and can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, rough, flaky and irritated skin. Long term, this can cause permanently dilated pores, potential acne-scarring, free radical damage and visible signs of aging.

Washing your face before bed is crucial to your overall skin health. Need more motivation to bump the excuses? Here are the top excuses we hear and our solutions:

I’m too tired or busy. Just a few minutes cleansing today can prevent a host of problems now and down the road. This simple step now will also keep you from having to do a load of work down the road.

I don’t wear makeup, so don’t need to cleanse. Try this at-home experiment. At the end of a makeup-free day swipe a toner soaked cotton pad over your face and neck. The debris and dead skin on the pad will prove the need to cleanse.

I wear mineral makeup, which is good for me. Why should I wash it off? While mineral makeup may have skin benefits, you still accumulate dirt and other pollutants throughout the day that must be removed to keep your skin healthy.

Cleansing irritates or dries out my skin. This is likely due to the sulfate-based cleansers. The right cleanser can promote clear, youthful skin. Timeless By Pevonia’s Foaming Gel Cleanser is sulfate-free and helps preserve moisture and proteins, while helping to prevent and alleviate dry, itchy skin. Rosemary, pine, lemon, basil, and burdock plant extracts in the cleanser hydrate, balance, even skin tone, prevent aging, and combat bacteria.

I just use water, so I’m good. Sorry, but water alone only removes about 65% of makeup, oil, dirt and impurities. Always use a cleanser to make sure you’re taking care of your skin properly.

I cleanse in the a.m. or in the shower. Our skin repairs itself mostly when we sleep. Cleansing at bedtime is crucial to allow serums and moisturizers to work their best. Tip: If you only cleanse in the shower, shower before bed. Otherwise, keep a second cleanser on your vanity to remind you to wash your face in the evening.

A few tips on the perfect cleanse:

  • Cleanse thoroughly from your hairline to jawline, even your neck and décolletage.
  • For a deep cleanse and even healthier looking skin, use a gentle cleansing scrub like Timeless By Pevonia’s Gentle Foaming Scrub two to three times a week.
  • Avoid hot water, as it can be harsh and drying.
  • After cleansing, tone with an alcohol-free toner like Timeless By Pevonia’s Radiant Skin Toner to complete the cleanse and balance your pH.
  • Hydrate with a good moisturizer such as Timeless by Pevonia’s Collagen Serum or Collagen Moisturizer.

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