What To Expect From Laser Hair Removal

What To Expect From Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair especially for women can be annoying and uncomfortable. Unwanted hair can pop up anywhere including the chin, on the arms and legs, above the upper lip (moustache) or around the bikini line. If you have excessive hair in any of these areas, you might have tried a lot of hair removal products and processes whose effects lasted just a couple of weeks. Laser hair removal procedure could be a better solution to dealing with the problem of excessive and unwanted hair. Although laser hair removal is costlier that most treatments, the results will impress you.

What To Expect From Laser Hair Removal

Removal of hair through the laser procedure entails the use of concentrated light beams to “burn off” the excessive hair. The hair removal professional will pass a beam of light across your skin, while targeting each hair follicle. The beam of light works to incapacitate the hair follicles, thus preventing the growth of hair on these parts of the skin.  However, this is not a one off procedure and will require you to undertake several laser beam sessions for you to enjoy longer periods of hair free bikini lines, arms and legs. You will also need to periodically maintain your skin to guarantee maximum results.

However, laser treatment might not be as effective on people with darker skin or with lighter skin and light hair. For people with darker skin, the laser beams tend to interfere with the skin melanin, making the entire procedure less effective. It is also true that that this hair removal treatment will not work too well on people with blond or white hair. The reason that laser treatment works better on light skin and dark hair is that the light beams primarily work on the melanin available in the hair. Nevertheless, the good news is that there is ongoing research to find ways to use laser treatment to remove hair that is lighter in color.

You might be wondering about the procedure and the anticipated discomfort of pulling hairs from your body. Fortunately, the hair removal professional will apply a local anesthetic on the part of your skin that you want to remove excess hair. This topical cream will have both a cooling and numbing effect. The procedure can take as short as a few minutes to as long as a couple of hours depending on the part of the skin that you are working on. Bikini lines, chins and the upper lip area typically take a shorter time than whole-body hair removal procedures.

After the initial process, you will experiences some mildly discomforting sensations such as itchiness, redness and sometimes-flaky skin. It is a god idea to use very mild soaps or body shampoos after this procedure to keep from aggravating the skin. The results of hair removal through laser will certainly impress you. Your skin will fell smoother as there are no hair protrusions- remember that the hair follicles were destroyed. You also do not have to worry about bumps on the skin, an after effect that is so common in other hair removal techniques.

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