Top 5 Amazing Short Haircuts for Summer

Best Short Pixie Cut for Summer

Looking for a new haircut for the hot summer? What could be fresher than a chic, short hairstyle when the temperatures rise? And these easy-style short cuts save so much time – leaving you free to get out and enjoy the good weather!

Here are the latest most popular short cuts for you to choose from, enjoy.

1. Short Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs for Summer

Best Short Pixie Cut for Summer
Best Short Pixie Cut for Summer /tumblr

This short pixie cut with side swept bangs is currently gracing the head of ‘out-there’ pop singstress Miley Cyrus! It’s short and sharp and a great way to display a snazzy tattoo at the base of the neck. Razored layers keep the hair close to the head around the back and the side-points are long and fine to accentuate the cheekbones. If it’s a boy-cut at the back, the front is all-girl with a flattering deep side-parting, softened by spikey, heavily textured tips to fill the ‘gap’.

The long fringe is styled diagonally across the forehead to cover one eye with sexy, peek-a-boo allure highlighted by cute, damson-pink flashes. This hot look is simple to style and just needs trimming every 4 – 6 weeks to keep it edgy and slick. Platinum-blonde is one of this year’s signature blonde shades and on a stylish short haircut, completes the pixie-cut meets rock-chick look perfectly!

2. Short Pompadour for Summer

Short  pompadour cut for Summer
Short pompadour cut for Summer /tumblr

Fine hair can be a nightmare if you wear a straight hairstyle cut in one length all around. On the other hand, fine hair cut into lots of layers like this, can look fabulous and much thicker, too! This short haircut looks great on anyone who wants to add some length to a low forehead or a round face.

The pompadour on top is a softer version of the spiked-up look and creates a very feminine look, even though the sides are buzzed close to the head. It’s also a style you can vary by wearing the fringe down and swept across the face, or curling the top for fluffy volume on this super-stylish platinum short cut.

From tight spirals to a slight wave, you can be sure that your curls won’t drop out of this style as with lots of layering, there’s no weight to pull the hair down. In platinum, this is definitely a ‘statement style’ that will draw attention to a pale complexion along with a pair of pretty blue or green eyes and pale pink lips!

3. Graduated Bob Cut for Summer

Graduated Bob Cut for Summer
Graduated Bob Cut for Summer /tumblr

Boost your brown hair with this eye-catching short bob haircut and you’ll never go back to one flat colour again! This short haircut is currently one of the trendiest new looks for spring and as the shaping comes primarily from the sculpting of thick hair, it’s really easy to style!

The back is stack-cut to produce that massive bouffant volume just below the crown, which curves in beautifully to a softly defined line at the nape. The sides are graduated down to the front and feature a disconnected layer with choppy, blunt cut ends at the front, adding an edgy touch.

Next comes the highlighting that really makes these A-line bobs stand out from everything that’s gone before. Using two different, but harmonising, highlight colours creates plenty of texture and accentuates the movement of lightly tousled strands towards the back.

4. Trendy Spiked Mohawk Haircut for Women

Spiked Mohawk Haircut for Women
Spiked Mohawk Haircut for Women /tumblr

The latest hottest short haircuts are still featuring a range of cute pixie cuts and this is a great style for slimming down a round face. The trendy mohawk section on the top is curled upwards and then tousled to get some flattering height on top, which balances out a wide face.

The textured tips of the mohawk have been highlighted with a golden-blonde shade which contrasts with the warm brown base, but harmonises as well, as both tones are warm. The sides are decorated with a forward moving, ripple wave with naturally curly side-points left to lie in their natural curl.

This is a smart and elegant look that’s equally at home in the office or in a nightclub and can be varied with a combed-over top and a side-swept fringe. Easy to style for everyday wear, all you have to think about is which earrings to wear!

5. Chic Short Layered Hairstyle for Summer

Short Layered Hairstyle for Summer
Short Layered Hairstyle for Summer /pinterest

A short hairstyle with a long fringe can be so face-flattering and easy-to-style on straight hair, you’ll wish you’d gone short years ago! I do believe there’s nothing so relaxing as waking up without having to face a lengthy session with hair-drier and brush before you go to work!

Pixie-short haircuts are great for thin or fine hair, with plenty of layers that create shape, lightness and texture you’ll love!

This contemporary, long pixie-cut has the latest forward-combed top and swept-over fringe, with wispy tips that keep the look soft and feminine. Add a touch of styling wax and then use your fingers to create the definition and wavy texture that accentuates the lively movement.

A lightly curved fringe on a short haircut makes a very attractive frame for the upper face, drawing attention away from any downward lines and covering a lined forehead beautifully!

If you hair is very fine, but in healthy condition, highlights are a very effective way to thicken the hair strands and create a some extra ‘depth’ through the colour contrast with darker roots!

Do you love these latest popular short hairstyle? Here are more short haircuts for you to choose from, check it out here.

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