21 Gorgeous Pastel Purple Hairstyles Ideas 2024

Purple represents royalty. Not only that but power, ambition and even wealth. So, if for no other reason than to rock a hairstyle that symbolizes something that is so strong as the color purple, why not try wearing your hair with some shade of the hue?

No, it’s not as common as a neutral shade like red or brown…but that’s what makes it so spectacular! It takes a truly bold and confident woman to wear purple. And if that’s who you are, why not let the world know it? From HEAD to toe!

Lavender and light brown hair

long wavy pastel purple hairstyle

Are you wondering what other hair colors go really well with lavender? If so, we have a great recommendation: light brown. Just look at how rich and beautiful her hair is!

Purple pixie cut

colored pixie cut with bangs for short hair - pastel purple short haircut

How. Cute. Is. This? Can you ever go wrong with a pixie cut? Our vote is “no”. And we love it even more if it comes in this shade of purple!

Purple tri-tone lob

pastel hair color ideas - medium pastel purple hairstyle

Trendy medium hairstyles 2018: The loose waves on this lob are really nice. And what takes it up a notch is the tri-tone purple hair coloring.

Purple and platinum short bob

short braided bob haircut - pastel bob hairstyle with braid

Here’s another way to incorporate purple and platinum. Color it and then cut it into a cute ear-length bob. It’s easy, striking and will definitely make you look one of a kind.

Lavender hair with natural roots

pastel ombre hair with dark root for medium hair

While there used to be a time when a woman wouldn’t caught dead with her natural roots showing after coloring it another shade, actually this season, natural roots are all the rage. So if you already have purple hair and it’s starting grow out…no worries. Let it!

Lavender inverted bob with blunt bangs

pastel bob haircut with bangs for short hair

She looks like a doll baby. One that has a hint of mystery to her thanks to the lavender shade that is added to this inverted bob. Oh, and the bangs? They’re also big this year. Get some!

Purple, platinum and green

pastel purple hair style with waves

We’ve already talked about three shades being one type of color technique that you can try. If you’re looking for a truly creative variation, how about green? If you add it to purple and platinum, sea foam would work wonderfully.

Lavender-streaked inverted bob

Pastel purple haircut for short hair

If you like your natural color but you want to add a bit of “pop” to it, you can always add some streaks. Whether they’re permanent highlights, weave tracks or even some color that comes in a spray can, you’ll stand out for sure with an inverted bob like this one.

Purple ombre

Pastel dark to purple ombre hair for long wavy hair

Do you already have an ombre hairstyle but you want to switch it up a bit? What do you thin about adding some purple to it?

Two-tone purple locks

Pastel Purple Hair Extensions

Something that you can do to add a lot of depth and dimension to your hair is to add more than one color to it. And if that color happens to be purple, layer it with a couple of different shades. (You might want to add a hint of pink to it too!)

Purple lob

pastel purple ombre hair

Do you already have a lob? If so, this is basically what it would look like if it were colored purple. Just make sure if you do decide to do this to have a professional color your hair so that it can stay nice and healthy.

Soft lavender highlights

colored wavy bob hairstyle - pastel purple bob haircut with shades

If you’re not quite ready to totally dive into the world of purple-colored hair, make a subtle transition by highlighting some of your tresses with lavender.

Pale purple hair

Pale Pastel purple hair for short hair

One of the best things about this shade of purple is that it’s so light that it almost looks like platinum.

Purple bob with loose waves

dusty pinks and lavenders - balayage pastel purple hair for short hair

This is a nice-looking natural bob, thanks to the loose waves and long layers. Actually, it’s pretty conservative but thanks to the purple color that’s added in, it’s modern and distinctive.

Long purple tresses

long straight pastel purple hair style for girls

If your hair is long, you can still color it purple. (Or if it’s not, you can put on a long purple wig!)

Purple hair with light blue highlights

pastel purple long bob hairstyle for black women

Here’s another color that can be added to purple hair: light blue. It almost looks grey which is cool being that grey an silver hair are still big color trends right now.

Light purple bob

pastel purple bob hairstyle with bangs

What we like so much about this bob is that it’s a nice transition if you already have a shorter bob that you want to grow out a bit longer. And the light purple makes it fun to look at in the process.

Tri-tone lob with bangs

medium pastel hairstyles for straight hair

Here’s what your hair would look like if it were in a lob with bangs and then was tri-tone colored.

Purple inverted bob with side-swept bang

short pastel purple hairstyle for older women over 60

Trendy short haircut for women over 50: If you want to try out some bangs but you don’t want to go to short, opt for some side-swept bangs. And then add some purple hair color to it so that everyone you see can ask you “Where did you get your hair done?”

Purple updo

pastel purple updo

Here’s another way to wear purple hair: In a “messy” updo.

Deep purple lob

short straight pastel purple bob hairstyle

Just wanted to show you one more shade of purple to consider. This particular style, we recommend for thinner hair.

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